SKIP RICHTER: It’s spring vegetable gardening time | Brazos Life

Timing is important

We are nearing the end of the season for planting cool-season veggies. There is still time to get in seeds of lettuce, spinach, beets, Swiss chard, carrots, peas (snap, English and snow), radishes and turnips. We can also set out transplants of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, bok choi, collards, kohlrabi, parsley and onions now, but don’t delay.

It is also time to plant potatoes. Cut the potatoes into egg-sized pieces with at least one eye each. Dust the cut surfaces with sulfur and set them on a wire screen to “heal over” for 2-3 days. This reduces losses from fresh-cut potatoes decaying in the soil.

Warm-season veggies like beans, squash, tomatoes and peppers go in after the average last frost date, so early March is a good time to plant them out in the garden. Don’t delay too long with these crops, either, or summer will arrive to minimize the harvest.

Check out our new Vegetable Garden Planting Dates chart, which provides both ideal and marginal planting times for 40 vegetables as well as our average first and last freeze dates.

Give ’em a boost

New transplants really respond to a dose of liquid fertilizer at

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Understanding Life Estate | Millionacres

Often confused with a living trust, life estate is actual joint ownership that enables the grantor to dictate that they (or another tenant) can maintain residence in a property as long as they live, while simultaneously transferring ownership over to heirs.

Why would someone do this? There are a few reasons, which I’ll outline later. But overall, people consider life estate when they want to confer future ownership of real estate but not give up their rights to occupy a property.

What is Life Estate

Life estate is a form of limited-duration joint ownership. It splits the bundle of rights so that one person has the right to possess and live in a property for as long as they’re alive, but when they die, ownership goes to a “remainderman” who has been the joint property owner all along. The remainderman does not have the right to possess the property while the life tenant is alive (unless the life tenant permits it), and the life tenant has only limited ownership rights.

The grantor of a life estate deed might do so for a few reasons:

  • They may foresee arguments between the children who they want to inherit the property and the
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IQHQ Expands Leadership Team to Support Rapid Growth of Life Sciences Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

Press release content from Business Wire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.


IQHQ, Inc., a premier life sciences real estate development company, today announced that Fran Federman will join the company as Chief Financial Officer. Federman brings 20 years of experience in real estate investment and capital markets, which will help drive financial strategy and future growth at IQHQ.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Life Science REIT veteran Fran Federman joins IQHQ as Chief Financial Officer (Photo: Business Wire)

“We are thrilled to add someone of Fran’s caliber to our executive team,” said Steve Rosetta, CEO of IQHQ. “She has a proven track record in capital markets and life science real estate that will complement our team’s strengths and support our growth as we continue to develop high quality life science real estate opportunities in the leading global markets.”

Federman comes to IQHQ from Ventas, Inc., an S&P 500 REIT focused on life science, university-based research and innovation centers, medical office buildings, senior housing, and other healthcare properties. At Ventas, Federman served as Managing Director of the company’s Life Science

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Tips to improve your loft life

Lofts have a certain appeal. High ceilings, walls of windows and an industrial feel are just a few of the details that make these spaces special. Often, lofts have open, spacious floor plans that for some may pose distinct challenges. Love loft-style living but need some design tips? Here are some ideas to help get you started.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window: An oversized rug adds a sense of spaciousness in this loft-style space.

© Cathy Hobbs/Design Recipes
An oversized rug adds a sense of spaciousness in this loft-style space.

Embrace the “bones” of a space. Instead of trying to hide industrial details, add even more  to help make the space feel cohesive.

a view of a living room: A shag rug adds warmth to this urban loft.

© Cathy Hobbs/Design Recipes
A shag rug adds warmth to this urban loft.

Add texture such as faux fur or shag. Lofts often feel cavernous — adding texture will help add warmth to a space.

Highlight tall windows by adding drapery.

Consider a neutral color scheme. Black, white and gray are great colors that can be used either as a neutral combination or foundation, which can serve as a springboard for a color palette.

Use a large-scale rug. Larger rugs will help make large spaces feel open and spacious.

Incorporate lighting that helps frame furniture vignettes and layouts. Arc floor lamps tend to work

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Stage Your Life: How Interior Design & Home Staging Can Lift Your Spirits

Angela Souder has taken the North Texas market by storm with her growing business Stage With Angela Interiors. With her upbringing in construction, she can recall following her father to subcontracting jobs as a child and channeling her mom’s creative nature. Angela has chosen to continue following in her parent’s footsteps but in her own way in the design/decorating realm.

After receiving her degree in Interior Design from Stephen F. Austin, she has made a little dream into a reality, inspiring vision for realtors, investors, sellers, and homebuyers. “I go above and beyond expected. I love seeing a client’s expression after walking into a staged home and creating an emotional connection to the space. It is gratifying.” The Fort Worth resident is proud to bring her fledgling business here but is gladly serving all the metroplex areas.

In professional staging, most homes are empty shells, and many potential homebuyers struggle to envision what a living space could potentially look like. Art, furniture placement, and even new wiring will bring space to life and embrace its potential esthetic. Souder believes that the same principles apply in bringing your home turf to life for your personal edification. To that end, she suggests

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Part 2, Interior design and life lessons learned in 2020

Last week, as I do at the end of every year, I looked back at columns from the first half of 2020 and pulled out half a dozen highlights, including lessons learned from landscaping, housing a student and sheltering in place. Now, here are my favorite moments from the second half of 2020, a year I am not sorry to see go.

In July, I downsized the family jewels with the help of a jewelry expert who works with clients in their homes. I wanted to streamline my jewelry collection, to keep what I loved and cash in or donate what I didn’t, but I had little idea what anything was worth. No item in a home is more contentious than family jewelry, the expert said. Because they symbolize love and money, they are the stuff of legend, lore and lawsuits.

Lesson: Like most of our belongings, jewelry isn’t usually worth what we think it is. Misunderstandings happen when folks don’t understand the difference between appraised (or replacement) value and cash value, which is often 25 percent of the appraised or purchase price. Sentimental value is another matter altogether.

In August, when the nights were so hot, we slept

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Right at Home: Resetting for a new year with soothing decor | MAD Life

After an anxiety-filled 2020 and during the continuing pandemic, many of us are looking to our homes for nearly everything: a place to work, study, sleep, eat, exercise. And don’t forget unwind.

Homes these days can offer calm and relaxation, designers say. Whether that means a decor refresh or a few small additions, they suggest some easy ways to create a more restful home space for 2021.

Think both big and small as you assess your rooms, says John Eason, an interior designer in New York.

“The feeling of a soothing room comes not only from the overall effect and aesthetic, but from key details,” he says.


Don’t be limited by conventional ideas of what makes a space cozy, Eason says: “Metal and stone are as comforting for their sturdy dependability as wood is for its flex and give. Deep, rich colors can be as relaxing as cheerful, bright ones.”

Sustainably produced textiles and environmentally friendly paints with velvety finishes can lend a healthy and comfortable vibe.

Find apps that play calming music and relaxing stories, or YouTube videos of crackling fireplaces or lapping waters.

Aromatherapy candles and diffusers wafting scents of nature, or baked goodies, are

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