Gardening Etcetera: Pining for a Ponderosa? Know this before you plant | Local

Wildlife are irresistibly drawn to Ponderosas. Some, like woodpeckers, bluebirds, nuthatches, brown bats, and some squirrels make their homes within its cavities or the hollows of dead trees. The tufted-eared Abert’s squirrel builds a huge nest (drey) high up on the south side of a Ponderosa trunk. A plethora of birds indulge in pine nuts, insects, and other arthropods gleaned from beneath the bark and within the branches.

For the past 100 years, many forests have encountered human suppression of forest fires, resulting in dense Ponderosa stands. Trees growing in close proximity deprive each other of sunshine and compete strongly for nutrients and water. As a result, these forests often have spindly, drooping, sparse-needled pines with root systems only as wide as a tree’s crown.

The specimens will never grow to the picturesque, open, park-like woods one pictures when envisioning a Ponderosa pine forest. The only way to turn these forests back to their former glory is through proper management. The Four Forest Restoration Initiative is aiming to do just that here in Northern Arizona. It will hopefully: restore structure, pattern, composition, and health of fire-adapted Ponderosa pine ecosystems, reduce fuels and the risk of unnaturally severe wildfires, and provide

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Called “a failure” for choosing art, now exterior and interior design expert, says local artist Blue | The New Times

At 24 years of age, Bruce Sakindi Tuyishime, also known as “Blue” is enjoying the fruits of his hard work through art.


Blue is a designer by profession with a background in fine art. He mastered his artistic skills from Nyundo School of Art and Music last year, he completed his studies at University of Rwanda in Creative Design.


According to him, every child is an artist because the primary language they speak at a young age is drawing, that is, colours and lines but as they grow up, society uses different means to forge different personalities out of their original shape.


“Growing up and keeping up with drawing is a journey of surviving. I remember in my primary school, I wasn’t good at math and it was normal because our minds are strong in different fields. However, my field wasn’t welcomed by people around me,” he said.

He added that there was a saying back in school that “dull students are sharp at drawing”, and he recalls being scoffed, trashed and insulted because of doing

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Snyder: TGIF: A snowy anniversary and sweet Valentine’s ideas | Local News

It’s Friday, and we like to observe TGIF whenever possible, despite the frigid weather. This week’s installment features a decade-old mea culpa and some sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Snow job

Wednesday was a milestone in my life — or, more accurately, in my Kenosha News life. It was 10 years ago, on Jan. 27, 2011, that my first column ran in the Local News section. Alert readers might recall that my Sunday entertainment columns started years earlier, on July 19, 1998, back when we had a weekend entertainment section.

Suffice it to say, that’s a lot of columns: 567 (as of this

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Local homeowner’s low financing on Home Depot kitchen remodel turned costly after COVID delayed job

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Gulfport resident Francine Giannotti says she spent 2020 stressed out but not so much over the pandemic. She blames a coronavirus-era kitchen remodel that dragged out most of the year.

Giannotti signed a contract with Home Depot to upgrade her kitchen floors, countertops and cabinets.

“I wanted to have the kitchen remodeled for a long time,” she said.

Giannotti chose Home Depot for the $15,000 job because of its good reputation and its zero-percent financing for six months.

In January 2020, she put the entire purchase on a new Home Depot credit card.

Then COVID hit, causing delays in getting the supplies needed for her job.

“It was understandable that there was a delay in shipping,” Giannotti told ABC Action News. But because of the delays and some workmanship issues, the job wasn’t completed until November.

She asked Home Depot to extend the zero percent interest rate. As a courtesy, the home improvement store agreed to do that. And Giannotti received an email, stating in part: “I sincerely apologize for the stress we have added…I will be confirming…that the interest was changed to 0 percent for 24 months, and all interest charges on the account

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Local interior designer featured on Magnolia Network

Jean’s largest project, The Madison in Heritage Hill, has a central role in the pilot, and her life.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Here at 13 ON YOUR SIDE we love to celebrate the good things happening in West Michigan, to find those incredible stories and share them with you.

Much like Jean Stoffer’s story: an interior designer who moved from Chicago to West Michigan in 2015. She was just featured in a pilot by the Magnolia Network, founded by Chip and Joanna Gaines. It features her largest project to date, which is located in the heart of Heritage Hill.

Jean’s career is skyrocketing at a time she previously thought it might be slowing down, taking her by surprise in the best of ways.

“Believe it or not Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper found me on Instagram,” said Jean. “The Discovery Network reached out to me and we started talking about the possibility and it happened!”

The Madison, a very large historic home in Heritage Hill, plays a central role in the pilot, and her life.

“I heard about this house from a client,” she explained. “They said “I have your next project” and I thought oh historic homes. Too complicated.

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GROOMS GARDENING: Enjoy the break from winter gardening | Local News

We are in mid January and the weather has been feeling wintry. No hard freezes, just cold.

We can still see a few colorful leaves lingering on trees around town. 

Nandina, a.k.a. Heavenly bamboo, has turned dark burgundy. The dwarf nandinas that are very common in commercial landscaping, are balls of dark foliage against the mulch. The more common tall Nandina has also turned dark red or burgundy. Many of the tall ones have red berries on them, if the birds haven’t gotten them yet.

Although it is cold, Narcissus are blooming right through January. Their little clusters of white flowers are pretty when seen from a distance. They stand out against the dark leaves of mulch and bare branches of deciduous shrubs.

Camellias are the only other flowers blooming now. Everything else is pretty sad looking from the freeze. I have seen plants in town still alive and colorful but the ones out in the country were killed. Even the roses have been stilled by the cold, no buds are forming. Roses should be pruned next month, by Valentine’s Day.

Waiting another month to prune your roses will keep them from putting out fresh growth due to the stimulating

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The Home Design and Remodeling Show is Boosting Success for Local Home Improvement Brands

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Home Design and Remodeling Show is producing results for local home improvement companies, such as Belamo Design and Velum Design, with generating leads, increasing sales, and branding recognition from the exposure of its Show and advertising campaigns. The Show features exhibitors from all facets of the home design industry, from custom kitchens, to impact windows, to furnishings, to backyard design, and home automation.

Belamo Design started out four years ago selling their luxury products without a showroom or real form of advertising. The positioning by the design-centric media organization that is the Home Show Management Corporation has been a factor in the growth of Belamo Design. The brand has recently expanded to their first retail showroom location with over 5,000 square feet in Boca Raton, and more locations coming soon.

Tom Keersmaecker, Sales Manager at Belamo Design, attributes the Home Show Management Corp. as an instrumental component to the strong foundation of his company.

“The Home Show has been instrumental to our launch and success as we have participated in every event since we opened our doors”, said Keersmaecker. “This platform helped us to make our brand more recognized,

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Gardening Etcetera: Cataloging a true love of all things seeds | Local

For vegetables, I look for things like hardiness, days to maturity, approximate produce size, and water requirements. Since we live in a cold and dry climate, care must be given to these options. But I also pay attention to what the catalog writers say about sweetness, ease of growing, and hours of sunlight needed. Sun requirements are specifically varied in the Flagstaff area as some sites are shaded by our Ponderosa Pines and other areas, like Baderville and Doney Park, get more sun than some plants appreciate. For flowers, I look for blooming time, height, pest resistance, and if it attracts pollinators or not.

As you may have guessed already, not all seed companies are equal. Seed companies often rely on seeds grown far away and not adapted to the local climates. Seed patenting is also becoming an issue for both large and small organizations relying on seed sales for their livelihood. Beyond the fancy catalogs, look for companies committed to quality seeds meant to grow in your type of climate. Not only will they try to grow as many seeds of their own at their location but they will also contract local growers to produce quality vegetable, fruit, herb,

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Hands-on 4-H gardening project gets youth growing | Local News

Winter weather won’t prevent participants in the 4-H Virtual Home Gardening Program from hands-on growing, even when temperatures drop.

“There are all kinds of things they can do for gardening year-round. Right now we are sending out bulb kits. The kids are able to get some bulbs, daffodils and hyacinths, they can force them indoors and they should be ready to bloom by Easter,” Macomb County 4-H Program Coordinator Elizabeth Duran said, adding that participants also prepare spring gardening plans in the winter.

The free 4-H Virtual Home Gardening Program is open to youth ages 5 to 19 in Wayne and Macomb counties, at all levels of gardening experience from beginners on up. The program provides for year-round gardening projects, allowing students to combine some virtual learning time with unplugged, hands-on, at home activities. Even students in more urban environments can participate, Duran said.

“We cover composting, seed saving. We cover things like repurposing. A lot of our youth are living in apartments or hotels and do not have big yards to plant gardens. We do a lot of small space gardening and container gardening,” Duran said.

Each month a new garden project will be available to participants online, along

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Home Depot in Easton? Town asked to revise plan to host another ‘home improvement’ store | Local

EASTON — The town council will hear a request on Jan. 19 from a local property owner who wants to revise zoning text through an amendment to allow for the possibility of building a home improvement store east of U.S. Route 50 in Easton. The proposal would allow for a standalone, big-box home improvement store larger than 65,000 square feet.

The application is stirring up talk of a potential hew Home Depot store in Easton. In November, the town planning commission voted unanimously against the amendment.

Under the town of Easton’s current regulations, no major retail store larger than 65,000 square feet is allowed to be built outside of a shopping center. It must be within or adjacent to an existing shopping center.

The Gannon Family Limited Partnership, which owns property along U.S. Route 50 and leases land to companies such as Chipotle, Olive Garden and Tractor Supply Co., wants to change that.

Zach Smith, an attorney representing the Gannon Family, requested the change from the town at the end of October. He wrote a letter to the town planner dated Oct. 30 that his client was approached by a developer with interest in “proposing a new home improvement center

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