Tips for making a tiny kitchen work

I have actually enjoyed many wonderful meals made by people who have created the feasts in tiny kitchens. These kitchens are so small that it is possible to lean over and stir a sauce while kicking a drawer closed with a leg extended in a small but impressive Ninja-like move.

Here are some tips for making the most of your space:

You have to think economically about your space. Storage is key. Adding floating shelves, a magnetic knife bar, a wine rack and pot racks are just a few ideas. Utilizing the space on top of your shelves and refrigerator can help a great deal for larger items and things you don’t use daily. Wire risers for your shelves can often double your shelf space. Storage organizers can help you maximize your drawer and shelf space.

Hanging things can free up a lot of space. Adding little hooks to the walls, the sides of cabinets and inside cabinet doors can help you free up counter space. You can hang pot lids or pot holders on the inside of a cabinet door. Hanging items you use frequently like measuring cups can free up drawer space for other items you don’t use

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The gorgeous Nottinghamshire two-bed making a big interior design statement

You don’t have to have a huge house to make a statement as this gorgeous two-bed in Eastwood proves.

When the current owner of the semi-detached property bought the house, they set about restoring and modernising it – there’s an upgraded bathroom and wet room and most recently a newly fitted dining kitchen.

Colour and style are certainly the hallmarks of this £150,000 property.

Starting with the lounge, there’s a splash of pink in the decor that the current owner follows through in the furnishings as well as adding a statement wall or two. Original tile flooring, which has been restored, a decorative fire surround, and built-in shelving are further features of the room along with French doors that open to the garden.

The dining kitchen is a clever mix of character and contemporary styling. Again, there are original floor tiles that have been restored and as well as recently installed white wood units there’s a ‘Belfast’ style sink and an integrated electric oven and fitted induction hob.

Next of the list is a lobby and utility, then it is on to the bathroom which has a ‘luxury of the orient’ feel. Here you’ll discover a freestanding bath as well

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14 Common Design Mistakes You Might Be Making

  • The Guide
  • Interior-design experts reveal the style bloopers they see most often and how to banish them from your home forever.


    Ever wish you had a team of design experts to walk through your home and tell you what doesn’t feel quite right—and why? You’re in luck: Here, nine Denver-area interior designers give us the skinny on common style bloopers and the secrets to banishing them from your rooms forever.

    Planning A Room

    Ahh, a blank slate. You’ve got a room you’re ready to refresh, and you can’t wait to fill it with beautiful new things: perhaps a Chesterfield sofa, a Danish modern console, or that artwork you’ve had your eye on for two years? Not so fast, our experts say. Here’s where we all tend to misstep before we’ve even chosen a paint color.

    Mistake 1: Glossing Over the Layout

    “[When we’re hired to do a remodel], we almost always see rooms with all of the elements out of scale”—think: furnishings too small or too big, fixtures the wrong size—says Joey Rheem, marketing director for Studio Thomas. “Clients buy furniture, rugs, and art without creating

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    Home-improvement shows are making everyone’s houses look the same

    a living room filled with furniture and a large window: Over-reliance on home-improvement shows can take away your home's personality. ocwarfford/Shutterstock

    © ocwarfford/Shutterstock
    Over-reliance on home-improvement shows can take away your home’s personality. ocwarfford/Shutterstock

    • Home-improvement shows have become massively popular in recent years.
    • But the shows only spotlight a handful of home decor styles.
    • As a result, people’s homes are starting to lack personality. 
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    My ideal Saturday morning involves three things: coffee, a bagel, and a “Fixer Upper” marathon. 


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    I love home-improvement shows because they’re the perfect formula for relaxation. Watching experts transform someone’s home can make the stress of any day fade away.

    For years, I worshipped these shows, and I became a believer in the power of open-concept floor plans, barn doors, industrial sinks, and accent walls to transform a house into a home.

    But recently, I’ve noticed these shows are becoming a bit too powerful.

    People have started to see home-improvement as blueprints for how their spaces should look, creating millions of identical homes that have been drained of any personality. 

    Home-improvement shows are making people’s houses look the same

    Home-improvement shows have become massively popular in recent years, with millions of Americans tuning in to watch homes get renovated or flipped.

    HGTV, for instance, is more in-demand than

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    Steps To Making Real Estate’s Future More Digital

    Amit Haller is the Co-Founder & CEO of Reali, a high-tech, high-touch real estate company founded in 2016. 

    Before the pandemic, what defined the modern era more than digital transformation? The thinking goes that as more of life goes online, the more people and businesses benefit. But for one of the world’s biggest asset class – residential real estate – the digital transformation had been sluggish at best. At worst, defiant. After all, while fee structures in other industries have gone down thanks to increased technology – and reduced overhead – 6{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} listing fees are still prevalent in real estate.

    Then Covid-19 hit, and overnight agents needed to figure out virtual and digital solutions for everything. Open houses disappeared. Buyers couldn’t figure out how to visit a house before placing an offer. Sellers didn’t want home buyers trekking through their front doors.

    Out of sheer survival, companies adopted digital tools quickly: Keller Williams put together an entire playbook on how to handle Covid-19 and go virtual, as did many other brokerages. Without a doubt, the pandemic has created the biggest technology pressure most organizations have ever experienced. As with all innovations borne of necessity, the old way of

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    Gardening: Making hive beetles mind their own beeswax and keeping your bees warm in winter | Columnists

    Frames from our beehive are in the freezer and full of honey. I put them there a month ago. I thought I put the shallow box in there with the frames. Now the box is gone. I couldn’t remember stacking the frames like that.

    You may be wondering why the frames are in the freezer.

    Our Langstroth beehive has three boxes. They are open-ended so that, when stacked on top of each other, bees can crawl from the bottom to the top. The bottom one is a deep box where the queen lays eggs. The one in the middle is deep and filled with honey. The box on top is shallow. It is shorter than the deep ones and also filled with honey.

    Honey bee frame only closeup

    Bees produce honeycomb with glands along their abdomen and use it to build the hexagon-shaped cells. The shape isn’t an accident. A hexagon is structurally sound and the most efficient use of space. Bees are little engineers. These cells are where honey is stored and capped. It’s also where the queen will lay her eggs. Tony Bertauski/provided

    When bees collect nectar, it is converted into honey and stored in the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb.

    Our bee

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