Brookfield Is Done Waiting on the Public Real Estate Markets

Brookfield Asset Management (NYSE: BAM) believes it owns a highly valuable global real estate portfolio. However, the public stock market has never given Brookfield full credit for the value it sees in its real estate. That’s led it to try various methods aimed at unlocking this value, which so far hasn’t had the desired effect. Public market investors continue to focus on the short-term headwinds while Brookfield looks at the longer-term potential.

After years of fruitless efforts to get the public market to see what it sees in its real estate portfolio, it’s taking matters into its own hands. It’s doing that by proposing to take its two publicly traded real estate affiliates, Brookfield Property Partners (NASDAQ: BPY) and Brookfield Property REIT (NASDAQ: BPYU), private. That way, it can have even greater flexibility to realize the value of its real estate assets.

What Brookfield sees that others don’t

Brookfield has spent years trying to unlock the value of its vast global real estate portfolio. The leading alternative asset manager has sold properties to showcase the massive gap between their private market value (i.e., what institutional investors will pay for the assets) and the value ascribed to them by the public

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4 unexpected markets real-estate investors should target

  • As single-family home prices hover around record highs, real-estate investment opportunities can be tricky to identify.
  • Some locations are better suited for investment than others, according to longtime real-estate investor Cody Sperber. 
  • He said he finds four outside-the-box places in the US particularly attractive in 2021, including Topeka, Kansas, and Lakeland, Florida. 
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Smart real-estate investors are almost always on the lookout for new opportunities.

And as some areas of the US face projected home-price decreases over the next year while others are primed to grow in demand, some areas are ripe for investment now, according to lifelong real-estate investor Cody Sperber.

Sperber is the self-described “clever investor” and founder of “for-purpose” development company Green Elephant Development. He started investing in real estate with no money to his name, and has climbed his way to hundreds of million in deals using strategies from house flipping to rehabbing and more.

Sperber told Insider that 2021 is the year of the “urban purge,” as people continue to migrate out of big cities for affordability in what were once flyover states. As a result, he’s focused on markets in flyover states from Idaho to 

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