These Sage Green Home Decor Ideas From TikTok Will Make Your Space Matcha Cooler

Nothing will make your space look matcha cooler than adding a color like sage to your home decor. This shade of green, which resembles a refreshing iced matcha on a summer day, is spilling into every corner of TikTok, and rightfully so. The color is soft, welcoming, and earthy, making it a perfectly fresh look for your living area. These sage green home decor ideas from TikTok will not only introduce you to the color, but can inspire an entire mood board for your next aesthetically pleasing DIY project.

TikTokers are updating everything with sage green, including the spaces where they cook meals, take naps, and attend Zoom meetings. Not only are they adding color to the walls themselves, but they’re also accessorizing with retro-looking desk items and DIY coasters. It’s such an easy color to work with. In fact, you won’t have to give up any of the decorative pieces you already have and love if you don’t want to. This trendy color can easily complement your Bohemian-style mirror, colorful comforter, or collection of plants.

So, get ready to refresh your living space and jump on the #sagegreen trend ASAP. You can get started by checking out these sage

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