The Vaccine Rollout Has Been A Mess. Real Estate Can Help Fix It

For the past 10 months, the real estate world has pointed to the coming of the vaccine as the industry’s salvation. Now, experts say that involving real estate in the distribution process could be the best way to improve the lackluster rollout of the vaccine. 


In order to effectively inoculate enough of the population to reach herd immunity, the federal government must leverage existing supply chains while state and local governments should collaborate with real estate to utilize empty storefronts and offices as vaccination locations, logistics and health experts say.

“[Real estate] is in the business of location, location, location,” City University of New York Professor of Health Policy and Management Dr. Bruce Y. Lee said in an interview. “They can play a significant role in identifying vaccination locations and creating vaccination locations.” 

So far, the rollout nationally has been a mess. Before vials even reached the United States, the public health community warned a lack of planning could imperil the vaccine effort. Still, guidelines from the federal government on how to mobilize a vaccine movement have been sparse and lack specificity. 

States have been left to create their own distribution plans and the nation fell far behind its

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