Debunking “Moon Phase Gardening” |

Some believe certain moon phases are more beneficial for planting a garden, but is there any science to back the idea up? Meteorologist Alex Calamia explains.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Do you believe a full moon can bring out the worst in people? Well, there are some gardeners that think the moon can affect plants, too. 

The idea is called moon phase gardening and the belief is the moon’s gravity can affect the way plants process water and nutrients. A little research and you might find yourself believing the practice is based on some solid science, but it’s not! 

Here are a few of the rules behind moon phase gardening and the science that says to avoid taking this gardening trend too seriously.

Myth 1: Plant certain crops during certain moon phases.

The moon is our closest neighbor in the sky and perhaps that’s how the idea behind moon gardening started in the first place. Moon garden folklore goes back as far as the Mayans. There’s a belief the moon’s position in the sky has an impact on living things. 

Moon phases have an affect on some aspects of our world, particularly ocean tides. The highest high tides and lowest high

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