Fyra Designs New Office for CBRE With Wellness in Mind

Soft textures and muted hues create a calming atmosphere inside the new CBRE office in Helsinki. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 

In Finland, a country often ranked as the “happiest” in an annual U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network report, design and wellbeing go hand in hand. So when CBRE, an internationally recognized real estate consulting agency, tasked local firm Fyra with creating a new workspace in Helsinki, the team set out to take biophilic design to the next level.

When envisioning the space, the designers focused on creating a playful office with plenty of elements that invite exploration and discovery, while maintaining a distinguished aesthetic. The resulting facilities feature an internal zone, used only by employees, and an external zone that acts as a showroom and collaborative space. “One of the project goals was to make choices that genuinely impact the well-being of employees,” the design team notes. “From a designer’s perspective, this was an ideal starting point.” To do so, the team considered optimal air circulation and quality, natural light, fitness, and employees’ overall comfort, incorporating greenery and water points throughout. And for moments that call for some R&R, designated “mindfulness spaces” offer the perfect opportunity to reset. 

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Office property deal extends Palo Alto hot streak

PALO ALTO — A big Bay Area investment group that seeks properties in hot tech markets around the country has bought an older office complex in Palo Alto, which itself has become a magnet lately for commercial real estate buyers.

Graymark Capital, through affiliate Fabian Way Owner, has bought a two-building office complex in Palo Alto, according to Santa Clara County public records that were filed on Dec. 23.

The office center, located at 3960 and 3980 Fabian Way in Palo Alto, totals 24,000 square feet and consists of two buildings.

San Francisco-based Graymark Capital paid $15.7 million for the buildings, the county records show.

The transaction was arranged through brokers Kalil Jenab, Ben Paul, and Steven Jenab of commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, and broker Brad Martin with Stetson Earhart, a commercial real estate firm.

“The life sciences industry is performing well overall, with this submarket also displaying increased demand particularly from auto tech, food tech, and artificial intelligence companies,” said Paul, an executive managing director with Cushman & Wakefield.

Graymark intends to spend millions of dollars in a wide-ranging renovation of the office buildings to bring modernize them and create amenities likely to entice a new

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4 Remote-Work Elements Employees Will Crave in an In-Person Office

With the onset of 2021, we all are ready to kick out 2020 and start fresh. With a vaccine rollout underway, many believe that we will be able to return to some sort of in-office setup this year. And while the logistics of in-person arrangements are still left to be determined, we do know that many of us got pretty cozy working remotely—so much so that we will expect some of the comforts of home to carry through to those office environments.

That being the case, what will employees look for on their first day back in the office? How can designers make employees feel safe while also ensuring their productivity and overall wellness? We sat down with Russell Kingston, U.S. managing director for Spacestor—a leading manufacturer of office workspace solutions, to understand what some of these must-have transitions from home office to in-person workplace will look like.

As we look at plans to return back to the physical office, what elements of design will mirror at-home setups? Photography by Rafael Gamo, courtesy of Spacestor.

Flexibility will be central to all design concepts.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we have to roll with the

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Three Reasons Commercial Office Real Estate Can Transcend Economic Uncertainty

Swapnil Agarwal is the CEO of real estate firm Nitya Capital and Karya Property Management as well as the Founder of non-profit Karya Kares.

Mark Twain once said, “Buy land; they’re not making it anymore.” For years, many people thought of real estate as a haven for investments. However, during the 2008 financial crisis and now during the economic uncertainty associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, some people have questioned that belief. With a portion of the workforce staying home, the demand for commercial office space has decreased and properties have been devalued. But I believe that the pandemic’s effects on commercial office real estate will ultimately be short term in nature and that it can be a valuable investment if you take a long-term perspective.

As a professional real estate investor, I’ve compiled a list of three reasons commercial office properties can transcend economic uncertainty as a long-term investment.

1. It Can Pay In Dividends

Like any investment, commercial office real estate inherently has risks. But it has one major reward in the form of potentially considerable monthly cash flow. In addition to any capital gains you may receive when you sell the office property, you can regularly

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Extension office to offer free online gardening courses from Feb. 3 to March 11

Lance Ellis, EastIdahoNews.com columnist

ST. ANTHONY — The University of Idaho extension campus announced they are bringing a taste of spring to the cold winter months with free online gardening classes offered every Wednesday and Thursday from Feb. 3 to March 11.

Participants can register online to learn about everything from backyard greenhouse design to basic vegetable gardening methods to successful composting methods.

“These classes are for everyone and anyone, all levels of gardening experience,” said University of Idaho extension educator, and EastIdahoNews.com columnist Lance Ellis. “I have found with our housing boom over the last five years that there are a lot of people from out of state who are trying to garden, but are struggling and not having the success that they would like. These classes would be great for them as well as a seasoned gardener.”

For those only able to attend one or two classes, the free registration and flexible schedule provides an adaptable learning experience.

“Participants sign up just once and that allows them to attend any of the gardening classes they want, even if they change their minds at the last minute,” Ellis said. “Obviously, if they don’t want to attend some of the

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Kingston Lafferty Design incorporates wellness spaces into Belfast co-working office

Dublin interiors firm Kingston Lafferty Design has incorporated green walls, a yoga studio and rooftop terrace across the eight floors of this co-working office in the centre of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

a plant in front of a window: Green walls and sofa in the Urban HQ office by Kingston Lafferty Design

© Provided by Dezeen
Green walls and sofa in the Urban HQ office by Kingston Lafferty Design

Commissioned by property developer Magell, Kingston Lafferty Design (KLD) was asked to create warm and welcoming interiors for the 2,787-square-metre office — called Urban HQ — which breaks the traditional office mould.

a person sitting at a table in a dark room: Above: a custom pendant is suspended in the walnut-clad boardroom. Top image: green walls feature throughout the office

© Provided by Dezeen
Above: a custom pendant is suspended in the walnut-clad boardroom. Top image: green walls feature throughout the office

Informed by how the boundaries between work and leisure have become increasingly blurred in the past decade, the firm said it wanted the complex to provide workers and visitors with relaxed and informal spaces as well as areas for focused work.

In addition to the more traditional private working booths, open offices and meeting rooms, Urban HQ also features dedicated wellness and focus rooms, co-working areas, coffee docks and a central lounge and event space that employees can move freely between.

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table: Curtains help to separate spaces

© Provided by Dezeen
Curtains help to separate spaces

“Psychologically, it is beneficial to have

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7 stylish home office ideas from interiors experts

Remember when you used to commute into an office? When you’d spend the day working under strip lighting, have kitchen chats with colleagues and get in a grump when someone used your Special Office Mug? Over the last year, as many of us have switched to remote working, our homes have morphed into offices. Whether you have a dedicated room or you’ve commandeered a corner of your bedroom/living room/kitchen, you want your work space to feel calm, ordered and stylish.

a living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table: With many of us in an extended period of home working, experts share their home office decor ideas, from choosing uplifting colours to finding the right desk.

© mediaphotos – Getty Images
With many of us in an extended period of home working, experts share their home office decor ideas, from choosing uplifting colours to finding the right desk.

For Maddy Potts, interiors influencer and author of blog, This 1870 House, her bedroom doubles up as her workspace. “I clear everything down at the end of the day – laptop stand away, laptop in a drawer – so it’s not there overnight. But the main thing with creating your work-from-home space is to do what works for you.” With that in mind, Maddy and two other interiors gurus share their stylish home office ideas.

Pick hues you love

“Choose colours that make you truly

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Home Tour: Interior Designer Ed Ong Creates an Inspiring Home Office in a Shophouse

At a time when travel opportunities are scarce, Ed Ong’s study continues to be a treasure trove of inspiration. Situated on the first storey of a shophouse where the interior designer and his family have lived in for a decade, this workspace is for him to read and reflect; it’s also frequently a space where he meets his clients and guests.

The founder of Dwell Interior Design has kept a pared-down approach to the look of his home, in a way that stays true to his creative philosophy. “We didn’t go nostalgic with the design of this shophouse even though it’s a historic building; this reflects who I am. I believe in having strong, clean lines.” This minimalist scheme is reflected in the concrete screed walls that run the length of the shophouse, matched with dark timber boards for flooring. These walls feature recesses that act as shelves to display awards, memorabilia and practical items.

Ong remains hopeful about the year ahead. “We’ve managed to overcome most of these challenges with the support and understanding of both clients and vendors,” he says. “A designer must always know that he needs a team; we depend on hands that are not

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Take a Tour of Biden’s Transformed Oval Office, and Learn More About Its Symbolic Decor

Take a Tour of Biden’s Transformed Oval Office, and Learn More About Its Symbolic Decor

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Douglas Paul Real Estate Announces New Office in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Answering demand for a larger, flexible and more strategic workspace, Douglas Paul Real Estate has officially relocated their real estate agency to Cambridge, MA as of January 15, 2021.  Previously located in nearby Allston, they are now positioned in the heart of Harvard Square at 1210 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138.

“We’re excited to have a highly collaborative working environment for our agents, as well as a more comfortable customer experience.  The location is outstanding, we couldn’t have asked for a better upgrade,” says Josue Vargas, Principal Broker at Douglas Paul Real Estate.

The new office is primely situated across the street from The Adams House and walking distance to Harvard Yard, one of the last businesses on Massachusetts Ave before hitting Harvard’s campus going northbound.  The Cambridge location is ideally suited for Douglas Paul considering the thousands of rental and sales listings the agency offers in Cambridge via the Boston Pads Database.  The new state of the art office provide the perfect point of access for agents to service their already substantial Cambridge clientele.

“Cambridgepads.com along with Bostonpads.com has been servicing a tremendous base of great landlords

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