Style at Home: Add panache with pillows

 A new year is upon us, and that means fabulous new fabrics we handpicked at market are finally arriving. With new textiles comes fresh bedding, upholstery and so many exciting pillows that I feel like a kid in a candy store. I am always switching out my throw pillows in my living spaces and adding so many to my bedroom I am surprised my husband can still make his way under the sheets each night. To this day, when we order pillows, we keep in mind Mary Carol Garrity’s three rules of pillow panache. Take it away, Mary Carol! — Katie Laughridge

They may be featherweights, but as decorating tools, accent pillows pack a powerful punch and can instantly give a room loads of panache. Time and again I’ve seen the right pillows take a nothing room and make it fresh and fabulous.

You can do the same in your home by trying these three simple steps. I like to reinvent my living room on a regular basis. I don’t get a roomful of new furnishings or paint the walls a new color. I simply switch out the accent pillows.

This little switcharoo, performed during the changing of the seasons,

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