What happens when an interior designer remodels her parents’ home?

Colour is the magic wand of interior design. Wield it well and wonderful things will happen. Colour can lift the spirits or soothe the senses. It can focus the mind. It can make the heart beat faster. It can create a sense of quiet contemplation.

Colour is not limited by size. A single small object of a certain hue can transform a whole room. But, as any Harry Potter fan knows, a magic wand is a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. Hence the extreme caution with which Irish people approach the use of colour in the home. Careful now!

Yvonne Mulligan, interior designer and principal of Nine Yard Design, is good with colour. So is her mum. So, when Mulligan’s parents asked her to design their new home, she knew it was going to be fun.

The trick with colour is knowing where to find it and wallpaper is a good place to start. A book of wallpaper is an adventure in itself and somehow less intimidating than a paint catalogue. But, leaving her mother alone with a stack of wallpaper samples brought unexpected results.

The first wallpaper that her mother chose is the visual equivalent of a holiday

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New Year Resolutions for Plant Parents

I don’t know about you, but this year, I found had no desire to make my “traditional” New Year’s resolutions—you know the ones I’m talking about: things like eating differently, exercising more, and so on. Instead, I decided it would be more beneficial for my well-being to simply lean into things that make me truly happy, and one of my biggest sources of joy in 2020 was my ever-growing plant collection.

Houseplants and gardening have taken off in a big way in the past few years, and personally, I’ve amassed a small indoor jungle of greenery that always manages to put a smile on my face. To keep growing my hobby, I’ve set a few plant-related goals for the coming year, and I hope by putting them out in the world, I’ll be able to hold myself accountable for sticking with them.

Stop Buying Every Plant I See

I’ll admit I went a little plant crazy last year. I couldn’t even go into Home Depot without at least picking up a little cactus or succulent, and my collection of plants doubled over the course

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