ZOCCAM Awarded Five Additional U.S. Patents For Payments And Payment Data In Real Estate Transactions

DALLAS, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZOCCAM Technologies, Inc., the leading platform for payment solutions in real estate, announces that it will be awarded five additional patents.  ZOCCAM previously was awarded U.S. Patent Number 10,671,982 B2, which issued on June 2020, entitled PAYMENT PROCESSING SYSTEM; APPARATUS AND METHOD IN REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS. These new patents will cover various inventions including systems and methods for “Management of Transaction Information and Payment Instruction Data” and “Systems and Methods of a Plurality of Payment Sources.”

ZOCCAM’s patented technology eliminates the need for paper and manual intervention in funding real estate transactions. ZOCCAM connects directly to the settlement service provider and their financial institution to provide a simple, more secure method for delivery of payments and documents resulting in a better overall customer experience.

“I am really proud of our patent portfolio,” says Ashley Cook, ZOCCAM CEO and Founder. “I think it clearly establishes ZOCCAM as the leading innovator for mobile payments in the real estate space. This is something we knew, but it is nice to see it confirmed by the allowance of these patents. Our team has done a tremendous job rolling out a new business model in an

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