Ty Pennington’s Tips on a Quick and Easy Home Refresh Are Absolutely Needed in the New Year

If the new year has you itching for a new look for your home, but your wallet isn’t quite onboard with any pricey upgrades, you’re in luck. Home renovation expert Ty Pennington has graciously provided a handful of ideas on how you can spruce up your space without spending a fortune.

While speaking with the New York Post, Pennington offered this simple yet impactful tip for home decorating: “Some of the small things really have a huge effect.”

Pennington, who will serve as the host of the upcoming HGTV show Ty Breaker, revealed that giving your home a fresh look can be as easy as creating a personalized main entrance.

“I love to see anything that says, ‘This is who I am,’ whether it’s dancing shoes hanging, whether it’s a cowboy hat on a wall,” the carpenter/designer said. “I like to…immediately feel their personality.”

If you’re feeling extra crafty, Pennington provided the New York Post with an ultra-creative way you can make your own pillows.

“You can also take old [colorful] blankets and sew them yourself into pillows,” he said. “When you do something yourself, you have this euphoria that you’ve created something that nobody else

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