Whether it’s calming neutrals or more colorful, people are choosing what makes them feel happy for home decor

By Dorothy de Souza Guedes, correspondent

Have a favorite color for home decor? Don’t worry if it’s trending for 2021: chances are it’s on somebody’s Color of the Year List.

The manufacturers’ colors of 2021 are all over the place, from the surprise of Pantone’s shocking lemony yellow Illuminating and cool Ultimate Gray combination to Valspar’s feminine Dusty Lavender, one of 12 colors on its “fresh and familiar” 2021 palette.

Area interior designers say any color goes, so choose what makes you feel good in your home. People desire a space that reflects their personality, particularly now that they’re spending more time at home. Some people thrive on color while others want the calming neutrals of a sanctuary space, said Mark Roberts, interior designer with Larry Roberts Interiors in Cedar Rapids.

Jan Finlayson, interior designer and owner of Luxe Interiors in Iowa City, said her clients go with colors they like.

“I think everybody wants to feel like they’re up-to-date. Trends are just that: trends. Sometimes they last 30 seconds, sometimes 30 years,” she said.

People see color differently, and it affects the way they feel. “You’ve got to use what makes you feel good,” said Finlayson.

Lori Wiles agrees.

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People share the worst interior design fails they’ve come across

People share the worst interior design fails they’ve come across

Claire Toureille For Mailonline

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When it comes to DIY, it is easy to make mistakes. But these outlandish projects are simply unforgivable. 

From a toilet in the kitchen to a washing machine above the bath, Russian Instagram account typical.rykozhop documents some of the very worst properties on the internet. 

The best – or worst – pictures were shared in a gallery collated by Bored Panda, along with other pictures of terrible mishaps of housing.   

Here, FEMAIL reveals the most outrageous design fails from a light switch on a doorway to a toilet dangling over the stairs.  

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Housing Vouchers for Homeless People Routinely Denied

It’s been more than a year since Rebeka and her family lost their apartment in Queens. Since January 2020, they have been living in a hotel — a hotel operating as a homeless shelter for families.

“This whole year has been different,” Rebeka explains. “Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, everything is just different.”

What You Need To Know

  • Thousands of people experiencing homelessness  are given housing vouchers by the city to find housing
  • An exclusive NY1 investigation has found those vouchers are routinely denied by landlords and realtors, which is an illegal source of income discrimination 
  • In the first 10 months of 2019, on average every month, only a tiny slice of those with vouchers were able to find apartments 

She has two children and worked for the city until the pandemic hit the five boroughs. NY1 has changed her name to protect her family’s privacy.

When we met on a cold day in December, Rebeka was carrying a large stack of papers. On it was the names and phone numbers of management companies and realtors.

“This is a prospective list that I was given by my shelter,” she said. “And this is what I have been doing, making calls. I

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Home improvements and bathroom upgrades on the rise as people spend more time at home

Xuying complete bathroom sets and accessories enable homeowners to upgrade the most used room in the home for an affordable price

Guangdong, China – People are spending more time at home than ever before. While it can be great to work from the comfort of home and enjoy one’s own house, many people around the world have grown unhappy with their dwellings. The last year saw an unprecedented number of individuals improve, upgrade, and modify their homes to make them more comfortable and enjoyable. According to one report in the United States, around 20{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} of homeowners began a home improvement project of some type.

One area of the home that is likely to be high on the list for needing a makeover is the bathroom. Luckily, homeowners do not need to spend thousands of dollars on modifying the most used room in the home. Xuying complete bathroom sets and accessories are a simple way to upgrade a bathroom for very little money.

Xuying manufactures stylish household bathroom products that are ideal for any home. The company designs and manufactures bathroom items such as decorative bathroom accessories, shower soap dispenser, and hand basins. Whether a homeowner wants a new concrete basin

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As their family (and their landscape) grows, the owners of Zook & Oleson Gardening adapt their spaces for plants and people

THE TREES ARE big, the house is small (but very cool) and the gardens are always growing.

Ben Oleson and Jen Zook are owners of Zook & Oleson Gardening (zookandolesongardening.com) and parents to Indie (15) and Jesse (12). Two dogs, Joaquin and Fiona, and an “ancient” cat named Vincent, complete the household.

An avid plantsman, Oleson’s approach to garden design is grounded in plants. “I’m a gardener. If you want a garden, I’m your guy,” he says. “I only design what I can install — and I’m not that handy.”

I politely disagree as we walk among several Ben-built projects on the family’s large corner lot in West Seattle. The landscape is abundantly planted but prioritizes family life. Built features, like decking, an interesting dog-friendly fence (it has windows at canine height) and outbuilding storage solutions for the active family’s outdoor gear, are integrated with ornamental shrubs and perennials, edible gardens and berries.

Bisecting exuberantly planted garden beds, an informal boardwalk leads to a citrus yellow front door. The canopy of a truly impressive silver maple (Acer saccharinum) envelops the front garden and bustles with life. “The tree is a community of animals, the only ecosystem

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