Gardening: Know when and how to use pesticides in your garden | Columnists

Did Santa stock your shed this Christmas? Perhaps a new shovel or shiny hand pruners? There are so many tools we can use to avoid using pesticides, but sometimes you have a decision to make. Like, do I get to eat the broccoli or are the cabbage loopers going to eat it all?

I would say one of the most important tools in the shed, if not the most important, is knowledge. Especially when it comes to pesticides.

The Trident Technical College horticulture program will be teaching an online pesticides class this spring. At the end of the semester, students are prepared to take the Commercial Applicator license exam. They are required to have a license to legally apply pesticides to a property that is not their own.

This class, however, isn’t about spray, spray, spray. It’s learning if you need to spray, what to spray and how to safely do it. What are the risks involved to you, the people around you and the environment? Which products are your safest options?

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I’ve had many students say they don’t want to take the class because they don’t plan on using pesticides. I’m right with you. I don’t plan

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