These Are the Priciest Interior Design Styles

The way you choose to decorate your house reflects your personality. However, certain tastes can mean more money out of the pocket and experts at sought to find out which interior design style is the priciest! To do so, analysed the ‘shopping’ tab on Google for keywords related to seven interior design trends: Minimalist, Scandinavian, Industrial, Rustic, Bohemian, Shabby Chic and Gothic. The study’s aim was to find out how much it would cost to furnish a one bedroom home in each interior design style.

Gothic – £58,174

If you are a fan of the Gothic style, expect to spend a small fortune on your surroundings, with figures revealing this interior design style to be the most expensive to recreate in your house. You can bank on spending up to £58,174 on Gothic furniture for your home according to the products sold on the first few pages of Google!

Why is it so expensive? Gothic furniture is more often vintage or made from solid wood materials which makes the products more expensive. The characteristic contour and ornaments take longer to produce and require skilful hands to do so, which also contributes towards the premium prices.

Rustic – £6,994

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