Home Staging Can’t Hide These Problems

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The right staging almost works miracles—with an emphasis on “almost.” But it won’t distract buyers from noticing major problems with your home. “Staging can be a great way to showcase a home as long as there are no other blatant issues,” says Patrick Garrett, broker/owner in Birmingham, Alabama. “But staging was never designed to hide problems with the home.” So, instead of trying to camouflage your home’s warts with creative staging, it’s best to address significant issues before putting your home on the market. Here’s just a sampling of problems that you shouldn’t try to conceal with staging.

Foundation Issues

No matter how impressive your staging efforts, Garrett says buyers will notice issues that could signal a foundation problem. “For example, floors that are wavy or buckling usually raise red flags with the typical buyer,” he says. While uneven floors are sometimes just the result of the house settling, Garrett notes that they may also be a warning sign of major foundation issues that could cost thousands of dollars.


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