Phoenix Manufacturer Shelf Theory Designs, Builds, and Installs Custom Pantry and Cabinet Pull Out Shelves

Homeowners in Phoenix looking for better ways to organize their pantries, kitchens, and bathrooms can now look to Shelf Theory for custom built cabinet organizers, pull out cabinet shelving and sliding pantry shelves. Shelf Theory is a woman led business providing homeowners throughout the Phoenix area with custom sliding cabinet shelves and pull out pantry shelves for better organization and easier access, while also dramatically increasing storage capacity.

The pantry is often one of the smallest areas in most homes, requiring better organization and space saving methods for optimal use. Shelf Theory has designed sliding pantry shelves and cabinet organizer solutions that address space and storage problems perfectly. The company’s pull out pantry shelves and slide out cabinet shelves are manufactured at Shelf Theory’s sleek new fabrication plant located in central Phoenix.

Shelf Theory designs, builds, and installs custom slide out shelves for existing and new cabinets. Any kitchen or bathroom remodel should include sliding shelves for each cabinet. Shelf Theory slide-out shelves are designed to be pulled out with no need for bending, reaching, or stooping in search of items toward the rear of the cabinet. Additionally, Shelf Theory also provides custom slide out cabinet shelves and drawers for

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Pull the plug on dated light fixtures

“Eeeeeeek!” My husband heard my scream from two rooms away.

“What’s wrong?” he says, finding me in the dining room, where I had locked my eyes on the ceiling.

“A huge tarantula is hanging over our table!”

He rolls his eyes. “I am well aware you want new light fixtures,” he drones, then goes back to his laptop.

“And one over here!” I point to the entryway, where a similar oversized, oil-rubbed bronze, Mediterranean style fixture dangled from a heavy metal chain like something out of a Medieval torture chamber. “How have we lived with these!?!”

“Has anyone ever told you that you are prone to hyperbole?”

I did not have time to look that up. “We must act,” I said.

To which he said nothing, which I took to mean go ahead.

In fairness to me, I had been saying for months, as we sheltered in place staring at (and climbing) the walls, that next up on the home project hit parade was replacing the outdated light fixtures that came with (and weighed down) the house.

I do not blame the prior owners, who built the home in 2003. Back then, heavy, oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures were what you

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