The home improvement projects our readers did in quarantine

2020 DIY Projects

Illustration by Babeth Lafon

It started with setting up a home office, then progressed to cleaning out the closets. Pretty soon, we were repainting that spare bedroom and planting a garden. By midsummer, we were adding a deck or renovating the kitchen. Lumber became as precious as alcohol wipes. This has been a year for home improvements.

Last winter, we launched our Yearbook to salute new shops and products. In 2020, we’re dedicating it to readers’ renovation plans. We asked you to tell us what projects—large or small, cheap fixes or major investments—gave you joy in the midst of this chaotic year. Here are some of our favorite stories. Submissions have been condensed and edited for space and clarity.

Cost key
$ <$500
$$ $501–5,000
$$$ $5,001–20,000
$$$$ >$20,001

The Shed

My husband is a very crafty person, as our cluttered garage proves. Since I’d like to start parking in there again, I told him that I’d help build a shed. I wasn’t the greatest helper because of the summer heat, not to mention I absolutely hate mosquitoes and any kind of bugs. One day, I was holding the ladder steady, but I was so busy fanning off bugs and

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