These ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Home Decor Ideas Are Fit For A Queen

Let’s talk about the lavish lifestyle in Netflix’s Bridgerton. In between staring into the Duke of Hastings’ dreamy eyes and trying to uncover who Lady Whistledown might be, you were busy admiring the Regency era decor. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment or a house, you can gather up some Bridgerton-inspired home decor ideas from the show to give your space that same high society feel.

With a few Bridgerton-inspired decor touches, your space will start to feel like the Bridgertons’ drawing room. Get some embroidery hoops to decorate an empty wall or wisteria plants to hang on your windows. Designate a corner space for regal mirror selfies, and be sure to incorporate antique furnishings to give it that Bridgerton vibe. You could even give your bedroom an accent wall with 19th century-style wallpaper and frames.

If you’re obsessed with the series, you likely have plans for a rewatch. Your second time around can be a great opportunity to scope out decor inspiration. You might even catch some of these Bridgerton-inspired decor items that’ll transform your space faster than Lady Whistledown can report the gossip of the Ton.

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