He Quit His Job, And Then Built A Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio in 3 Years

Jerome Myers left his corporate job after being forced to lay off over 100 employees within two years. Now, Myers is helping thousands of people gain freedom through real estate. He’s been featured on numerous podcasts and has been a speaker at conferences all over the United States.

“A lot of people are putting money into their 401k. But that money is locked away until you’re in your 60s,” says Myers in an exclusive interview with Black Enterprise. “What if you can do something that turns on cash flow now and will allow you to get your freedom earlier?”

After leaving his corporate job in 2016, Myers built a portfolio of six multifamily properties. Now, he’s adding a 120-unit property in Greensboro to his multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio.

“Your dream can be real,” says Myers. “You just have to be willing to do the work.”

How It All Started

At age 5, Myers thought he had his dream job figured out. “I want to be a trash man,” Myers shared with his mom. He admired the freedom and flexibility that his neighbor enjoyed. Unlike his military-based father whom he rarely saw until dinnertime, his neighbor was able to be

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