Hot Design Trends for 2021, and Miley Cyrus’ Racy Home Decor

House Party” is®’s official podcast about the overlapping worlds of real estate and pop culture, hosted by Natalie Way and Rachel Stults. Click the player below to hear this week’s episode.

We’re back, baby! 2021 is already off to a chaotic start, but we’re kicking off our first episode of the year with a discussion about one of our favorite topics: design trends. We consulted decor experts and asked them to spill on the trends we’ll all be clamoring for this year. Which colors and features will reign supreme? Did the COVID-19 pandemic have a hand in shaping these trends? (Spoiler alert: It did.) Are we nostalgic for furniture throwbacks like ’80s curves and ’90s traditionalism? (Spoiler alert: We are.)

Speaking of personal design choices, Miley Cyrus made us go “Huh?” when she revealed that she decorates her home with sex toys.

“I buy them for myself, but I end up using them for interior design,” Cyrus said in a recent interview. “Sex and interior design go actually hand in hand.” Do they, though?

We get into all this and more on the latest episode of “House Party.”

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