Here are some great gardening newsletters for your winter reading list

I get way too many garden-related emails. I must be on almost every single list. Among those are a number of newsletters. During the course of a year, lots of these pop up in my email. I usually read and then delete, but often there is something worth keeping so I just copy and store it in a word processing file.

For example, I started getting a newsletter from High Mowing Organic Seeds a while back. This one caught my eye because I may have spent a summer with a relative of the founder when I was a kid. However, it kept my attention because it depicts a lifestyle many of us support: building a greener, more just and community-supported world, one seed at a time. Everything they write about is organic and they have a great catalog, too.

Then there is the newsletter from an organization called the National Gardening Association ( This group bills itself as the largest social network for gardeners. They issue a free newsletter, full of useful articles on — duh! — gardening. From orchids to fuchsia care, these are often “print out” keepers or get copied and put into my files.

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