This Bright Kitchen Remodel Is Full of Cost-Saving Ideas (But You Won’t Be Able to Tell)

The inspiration: “I have an interest in durability and things that get better with age,” Ben explains. “Everything gets a bit marked or damaged, but that just adds character. I like things that are quite matte in finish, with a tactile sense and a natural utility to them.”

Square footage: 13 square meters (approximately 140 square feet)

Budget: £9,000 (approximately $12,350)

Ben can expand the antique table and reposition the swagged pendant to accommodate guests while entertaining.


Main ingredients

Countertops: Green concrete made with Lanxess dye. “It feels like it could be the color of copper when it goes green,” Ben imagines. “We used a very light touch treatment, which will allow it to patina and stain.”

Cabinets: Custom tri-ply oak fronts with a mix of original and new standard bases

Hardware: Schoolhouse Mid Century Knobs in Natural Brass

Backsplash: Villeroy & Boch matte gray tiles with brass rods and oak floating shelves. “I quite like the idea of adaptability,” says Ben. “You can play around and change it and create a display.”

Faucet: Dornbracht Tara Wall-Mounted Three-Hole Kitchen Mixer in white. “The tap is quite an unusual shape,” Ben says. “It looks like it’s from a

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Country Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 11 Foot Ceilings | Home Guides

Give your current kitchen a farm-fresh decorating boost by outfitting it with simple country-inspired decor. Even though 11-foot ceilings can present an additional remodeling challenge, you can use their soaring height to your decorating advantage when designing a new layout for your country-style kitchen. Whether you want to make only a few cosmetic updates or you’re planning a complete makeover, create a kitchen to suit your love for the country, as well as the available space.

Color Me Beautiful

Country-style kitchens and white-painted cabinets go hand in hand. Add a distressed, weathered finish and black wrought-iron hardware to your white kitchen cabinets for an authentic old farmhouse feel. Apply similar white paint to the walls and 11-foot ceilings to magnify the open, airy ambiance. Or, install embossed tin panels over the tall ceilings to draw your eyes upward with country-inspired visual interest. If you prefer a hint of color, choose a light, cheery paint color, such as creamy ivory, pale yellow or soft sage green to the walls for a country-fresh, bright kitchen. Give the illusion of lower ceilings and a cozier space by painting the ceiling two or three shades lighter than the wall color.

Reach for the Top

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Top 10 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen | Home Guides

For many households the kitchen is the center of the home and the hub of activity. Remodeling the kitchen can be a major undertaking. It is not just the expense, but also the inconvenience to the household that gives many homeowners pause when considering such an undertaking. In spite of this, homeowners continue to find good reasons to proceed with a kitchen remodel. Reasons for remodeling vary, and your neighbor may not share your top reason for the project.


The kitchen might simply be falling apart. Cracked tiles, peeling countertops, broken or missing cabinet doors and outdated appliances don’t inspire gourmet cooking or family gatherings. The deteriorated kitchen has simply outlived its usefulness and needs a remodel.


Homeowners often remodel their kitchens to increase the value or marketability of a property. A remodeled and attractive kitchen will appeal to prospective home buyers more than a boring and outdated one. The homeowner may or may not recoup the investment of the remodel; this will depend on a variety of factors, such as the degree of the remodel and current market prices.

Energy Savings

Energy savings might be the prime motivation for a kitchen remodel. Adding skylights brings in more

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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Other kitchen remodeling costs

In addition to all the costs above, you’ll also have professional installation fees (around $3,900 or 17{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} of the budget, on average) and design expenses (about 4{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} of the average budget or $920). If you’re doing any work to the doors or windows, that usually comes in around $920.

Your fees are also going to vary depending on your property’s location and local market prices. According to HomeAdvisor, kitchen remodels cost the most in the following cities:

  1. San Jose, California.
  2. Los Angeles, California.
  3. San Francisco, California.
  4. San Diego, California.
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ways to cut costs on your kitchen remodel project

Choosing low-cost, high-ROI projects and materials is the best way to make the most of your kitchen remodeling budget. But there are other ways, too.

On the cabinets, you can opt to simply repaint rather than refinish or replace them. A nice coat of white or gray is a good on-trend choice. Adding updated hardware can also give the cabinetry a fresh new look for a low price.

Here are a few other ways you can save on cash:

  • Consider a stick-on tile backsplash: These cost a lot less than traditional tile options, and they’re
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Green Mountain Builders completes Bonita Bay remodel

Green Mountain Builders has just announced the completion of a substantial remodel in the award-winning community of Bonita Bay, in Bonita Springs, Florida. The transitional-inspired  makeover consists of a completely transformed kitchen, main living area, dining room, master bedroom, bathrooms and outdoor living space.

a room filled with furniture and a large window: Green Mountain Builders recently completed a first floor renovation of this Bonita Bay home located in The Sanctuary.

© Submitted
Green Mountain Builders recently completed a first floor renovation of this Bonita Bay home located in The Sanctuary.

The home, originally constructed in the late 1990s, is located in The Sanctuary, a distinctive cluster of luxury homes in Bonita Bay. The neighborhood borders a lovely lake and pristine nature preserve. Many estate homes within Bonita Bay that have now aged twenty-five years are going through the remodeling and makeover process that updates both indoor and outdoor spaces that typically open up interior spaces, require new and updated kitchens, living and dining spaces, plus bedrooms, bathrooms and various other interior upgrades and improvements.


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Tony Persichilli, owner of Green Mountain Builders, a licensed building contractor and currently celebrating thirty years building in Southwest Florida, formed a group of highly qualified experts to design and build this lovely makeover. “We brought in the most creative professionals in their respective fields to work together as a

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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen? A Price Guide

This past year, most of us have spent far too much time at home. You’re buried in the day-to-day activities of working from home, attending virtual meetings, managing child care, and doing house chores.

Being home all the time gives you the chance to see the aspects of your home you don’t like. You’ve probably tackled a few home improvement projects already.

Then there’s the kitchen. It was fine for a quick meal, but you’ve become intimate with its shortcomings as you’ve spent the better part of a year in it.

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen? Check out this guide on the costs of a kitchen remodel before you start planning.

Why Remodel?

There are many reasons people decide to remodel their kitchen. For some people, it’s all about function. They buy a house with an acceptable kitchen and through the years grow weary of its flaws.

There’s not enough counter space, the cabinets are too shallow, the refrigerator sits in an odd location. If you’ve spent the last year cooking more elaborate meals for you and your family, you know how frustrating it is to work in a poorly designed kitchen.

People also remodel

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Lehigh Valley Kitchen and Bath Remodel Company Partners with Chameleon Power, a Leader in Photographic Visualization Technology | News

NAZARETH, Pa., Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kitchen Magic, the premier Lehigh Valley based kitchen and bath remodeling firm, has partnered with Chameleon Power, a leading innovator in photorealistic 2D and 3D digital design tools.

The technology provides an accurate visual of the homeowners newly designed kitchen or bath. The company will add this new capability to their websites and in-home kitchen consultation & estimate services. The true-to-life rendering is based on the homeowner’s room layout, chosen materials, colors and styles. The announcement was made by Andrea Daube, Digital Marketing Manager, Kitchen Magic, and the Elements Bath Division. “Kitchen Magic is always looking for ways to enhance the quality of our products, our services, and our customer experience,” states Daube. “Kitchen Magic plans to launch the design tool in March 2021 across all platforms,” adds Daube.

Design staff and their customers will configure and experience their design choices in a life-like digital environment. The customer’s finished results will be customized to their layout, then complimented with Kitchen Magic product styles and colors. The application includes an asset management storage library, for an accurate kitchen or bath assimilation. The remodeler will incorporate its vast custom-line of door

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After online house hunt, dated kitchen gets a major remodel

Between the arrival of COVID-19 and the long distance nature of Erin and Aaron Sorrell’s move from Alaska to Houston, house hunting was going to be tricky.

Technology came in handy when the Sorrells could have video calls with their Realtor and, later, a contractor and interior designer to evaluate the needs and wants for the next home for their family of five.

Through video calls, they could talk about their future home and ways to make it their own so the couple could feel more comfortable buying a home they hadn’t set foot in.

Erin and Aaron were high school sweethearts who grew up in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area and moved to Alaska for jobs with BP, settling in Eagle River, north of Anchorage.

They were expecting the adventure to last a few years, but they and their three children fell in love with the place, its winter sports, hiking and fishing. When BP sold its Alaskan property to Hilcorp in 2019, the Sorrells had two choices: find new jobs or move with BP to another city.

They chose to stay with BP and in January 2020 settled on a move to Houston. An online house hunting search began

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Creative Design and Build Inc. Suggest Five Best Kitchen Remodel Layouts to Consider | Jan 29, 2021

San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 01/29/2021 — Creative Design and Build Inc., the professional contractor in San Diego is pleased to share information on top five kitchen remodel layouts that may be considered for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project. Gone are the days where kitchens used to have a standard layout which separates the countertop from sink and other appliances. Today, it is all about making it functional with effective utilization of space backed by intelligent storage and design elements. The top five layouts according to Creative Design and Build Inc. are the One-Wall kitchens most popular in studio apartments followed by Galley kitchens to make use of slightly larger space. The L-shaped kitchens are for those who cannot do without cabinets followed by U-Shaped kitchens for roomy kitchens. Last but not the least the kitchen islands is for people who need a larger work space especially for bakers and those who spend more time in the kitchen. These contractors can also offer customized kitchen remodeling in San Diego as per their customers’ needs.

To know more about kitchen remodeling San Diego visit

About Creative Design and Build Inc.
Creative Design and Build Inc. is a reputed contractor

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Want to Remodel in 2021? Consider These Factors

If you’re considering a remodel in 2021, you aren’t alone: for every person who is just now hatching a plan for a project, there are just as many people in line waiting for contractors to be available for 2020’s backlog of remodeling projects. Making a house a home and preparing homes for the hot seller’s market both drove people to do improvements, but a variety of factors made them harder to accomplish than usual.

You can still make a great remodel happen in 2021, but the trends in the HomeLight 2020 Q4 Top Real Estate Agent survey give insight into how to make sure it happens as smoothly as possible. You can help get your project the green light.

Supplies Skyrocket – Consider Alternatives

Lumber costs have soared this year through a combination of increased demand and supply chain issues. After all, many. companies are operating in more limited capacities, and lumber has a variety of stops along the way from tree to your home. One major remodeling job, adding a patio or deck, can be done with much less lumber if you consider composite material made of recycled plastic. While there may still be some availability delays,

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