Kitchen Rugs? We Love This Controversial Design Trend

Do rugs belong in kitchens? You might think this is a controversial topic which splits the clean freaks from the comfort kings. But, the answer is actually simple. It’s a resounding “yes.” Kitchen area rugs are one of the best additions to your home, as they provide warmth, break up hard surfaces and are vacuum friendly.

For such an easy purchase, it’s amazing the difference the best kitchen rug can make to your home. Here are some of the best reasons to invest in a new kitchen rug. Many of which are great ammo when it comes to swaying partners or roommates as to why you need one.

  • Aesthetic – Kitchen rugs look good. We’re living in a fashion-driven, style-conscious world, and we want to look our best. Why put so much effort into choosing the exact shade of pale grey for the walls when you’re not going to complete it with a beautiful kitchen rug for the floor?
  • Temperature – You can add a layer of warmth to your floor with a kitchen area rug. Place them where you stand the most, and keep your feet warm while you cook.
  • Slipping – Tiles and wooden floors can be slippery,
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Jute rugs that will add a cottage-chic vibe to your floors | Most Searched Products

If your living room decor is looking a bit stale, consider changing or adding rugs to the floor for a refreshing change. Rugs crafted from jute, with their natural construction and flatweave are the perfect option for adding a bit of warmth and textural appeal to the floors. Small, circular jute rugs that can be used to create a cosy nook near the window would bring about significant refreshment to any living space. If you are convinced about the beauty of jute rugs, consider our recommendations before finalizing one:

This colourful and circular jute rug is perfect for creating a cosy nook on the floor with floor cushions and chairs. The rug is reversible and can be used for changing the look of the floor from time to time.

The rug measures 60 cm in diameter and it comes in a set of 2.

This jute rug measures 5 by 3 feet and would be perfect for placing near the couch, under the coffee table. The rug would also work well in a balcony. This sturdy and durable rug would last for years and its braided look will add a textural and warm appeal to your bedroom.

The natural look

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The ‘Amazon Coat’ of Rugs Is Here, Rebecca de Ravenel Launches Home, and More News This Week

From business changes to product launches, there’s always something new happening in design. In this weekly roundup, AD PRO has everything you need to know. 


The “Amazon Coat” of Rugs Is Here

This week, the New York Times covered a little-known but extremely popular light gray–and–white rug—likening it to the infamous Amazon coat. The product, which is made by New York company Rugs USA, copies traditional Berber carpets. Named Moroccan Trellis, the design is available through series of online distributors including Wayfair and Overstock. But buyers beware: As the article proves, it’s already just about everywhere. Call it the It Rug of the Internet.

Jenni Kayne Doubles Down on Home and Adds Focus on Interior Design

Jenni Kayne, California queen of cashmere sweaters and enviable leather shoes, ventured into the home product world some years ago. Now, after a series of additional launches, she’s making a more concerted interiors push—venturing too into the realm of interior design. “More than ever, we’ve collectively realized the importance our home environments play in our mental well-being and feelings of connectedness,” Kayne comments to AD PRO. “On that note, we’re thrilled to be expanding the Jenni Kayne brand in

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