Gardening goals for this year – Salisbury Post

The new year has arrived and the annual gesture of self-improvement and moderation is often a test of one’s will. Other than desire, home gardeners need to also have goals for 2021. If you’re tired of cleaning out the closets or binging on Hallmark movies, you may want to think about some landscape and gardening goals below for the upcoming year.

Have your soil tested — Soil testing is the most often overlooked gardening practice that saves time, money and the environment. Over-fertilizing with expensive fertilizers is a common problem. Many homeowners guess with fertilizer and lime rates for lawns, shrubs and vegetable gardens. The soil testing kits and information are available at the Cooperative Extension Center on Old Concord Road. Soil samples can be directly shipped or mailed to NCDA in Raleigh by the homeowners for a nominal postage fee. Go to for more complete information.

Have a landscape plan — Impulse buying and planting without a viable plan can be a problem as a landscape matures. Overgrown plants, improperly spaced plant material, diseased, or non-adapted plant material are typical problems associated with impulse planting. Solicit the help of reputable and qualified nurserymen, commercial landscaper or Cooperative Extension

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