Kitchen sinks: Stylish kitchen sink designs that will upgrade your kitchen | Most Searched Products

A kitchen can have state-of-the-art appliances and yet, a kitchen sink remains it’s one of the most crucial elements. The kitchen sink is one of the most multifunctional fixtures in a kitchen and certainly deserves careful consideration. This utilitarian and functional fixture can also be stylish and aesthetically pleasing when picked thoughtfully. Kitchen sinks are available in various sizes and configurations-including top mount or drop-in designs and under-mount sinks. Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used in kitchen sinks in India. Depending on space, you can go for a single or a double bowl sink. Check out a few recommendations below:

This kitchen sink is made from 304-grade stainless steel and it features a collar of 2 mm thickness and a bowl of 1 mm thickness. The sink has a satin finish that will look good paired with all kinds of countertops. This sink is also available in more sizes.

The overall size of the sink is 22 by 18 by 10 inches with the bowl measuring 20 by 16 by 10 inches.

This kitchen sink is created in a clean geometric design with zero radius corners and unique square-shaped drains. This sink absorbs vibration and significantly

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New Year Party Decorations at Home: New year party decorations for at-home celebrations | Most Searched Products

Even though most 2021 parties will be indoors, within the vicinity of our homes, they can still be made memorable with at-home decorations. If you intend to connect with your friends and family over a video call or in a small gathering at home, a few party decoration will certainly help you get into the festive spirit. From fairy lights, party props to selfie stations, there’s much that you can do at home. Check out our recommendations below:

Nothing is better for ringing in the new year than these shimmering balloons screaming “Happy New Year”. The size of each letter balloon is 16 inches. The balloons would also be perfect for creating picturesque background.

The balloons can be used in living rooms, balconies, halls and more.

Create a selfie station at home with this festive prop. The prop measures 68 by 48 cm. This prop will make your gathering an exciting event and would help you create numerous memories.

This prop will ensure all your pictures look amazing.

A selfie booth is the best prop you can add to any party setting. These gold-coloured decor items can be used by both boys and girls for clicking selfies. You can also

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Fragrant incense sticks that will fill your home with a soulful aroma | Most Searched Products

Incense sticks and cones are commonly used in India for a multitude of purposes. The aroma spread by the smoking cones and sticks is also used for aromatherapy. Incense sticks and cones are also an economical option for adding a fragrance to living spaces. Incense sticks and cones are now available in both natural and synthetic fragrances, giving you wide a range of options to choose from. Here are our recommendations of incense sticks you can buy for your home:

Lavender fragrance is known for its ability to work as a destressing, mood uplifting fragrance. These lavender incense sticks have a burn time of 35 to 40 minutes and will surely fill your space with a soothing fragrance.

These handcrafted incense sticks come in a pack of 120.

This set of incense encompasses five mesmerizing scents of different aromas which includes deep Chandan, deep Gulab, arij, attar Phool and saffron. Each fragrance tin contains 45 incense sticks.

These incense sticks will leave a long-lasting fragrance.

This set of handcrafted incense sticks that will spread a pleasing fragrance in your living space and help you create a soothing environment. The fragrance sticks have aromas of Chandan, Mogra, Lavender, Champa, Musk, Kasturi,

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Tealight oil diffusers that emanate a warm glow and a soothing fragrance | Most Searched Products

Tea light fragrance diffusers offer the easiest method for both decorating and filling the home with aroma. These simple oil diffusers conventionally come crafted in natural materials and offer a wonderful sight when lit up with a tealight. To get the most out of your tealight oil burner, consider investing in potent essential oils. Popular essential oils available include eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, orange and more. By simply pouring the oil mixed with water in the burner, you can fill your rooms with an unadulterated scent that will relax and rejuvenate you. If you are looking for a tealight fragrance diffuser for your home, consider these picks listed below:

This natural coloured oil diffuser comes with a bowl on top and a carved lamp below. The diffuser is also provided with a single tea light. The carved design of the diffuser will cast mesmerizing light and shadows and will fill your home with warmth.

The soapstone construction of the diffuser will allow even distribution of the fragrance as it is porous.
Find it here.

This white coloured fragrance diffuser will add beautiful detail to your home that will impress onlookers. The diffuser is crafted from stone.

The dimensions

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Jute rugs that will add a cottage-chic vibe to your floors | Most Searched Products

If your living room decor is looking a bit stale, consider changing or adding rugs to the floor for a refreshing change. Rugs crafted from jute, with their natural construction and flatweave are the perfect option for adding a bit of warmth and textural appeal to the floors. Small, circular jute rugs that can be used to create a cosy nook near the window would bring about significant refreshment to any living space. If you are convinced about the beauty of jute rugs, consider our recommendations before finalizing one:

This colourful and circular jute rug is perfect for creating a cosy nook on the floor with floor cushions and chairs. The rug is reversible and can be used for changing the look of the floor from time to time.

The rug measures 60 cm in diameter and it comes in a set of 2.

This jute rug measures 5 by 3 feet and would be perfect for placing near the couch, under the coffee table. The rug would also work well in a balcony. This sturdy and durable rug would last for years and its braided look will add a textural and warm appeal to your bedroom.

The natural look

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Ladder for home: Folding step ladders for daily chores and other needs at home | Most Searched Products

Folding step ladders are a perfect solution for kinds of elevation at home as they are both safe and easy to handle. The folding mechanism allows easy storage and also offers steady support while being in use. Contemporary ladders are available in lightweight and strong materials, assuring users of safety and ease. These ladders are typically made from aluminium or fibreglass and usually have rods or legs that are serrated for slip resistance. With these dependable qualities, one can always consider investing in this multi-use tool for the home. If you are looking for option available in the market, consider our picks below:

This 5-step ladder for home is built from the highest quality aluminium and is incredibly light, compact and portable. It is easy to use and easy to move around. When not in use, the ladder can be neatly folded into a compact version of itself for easy storage. The ladder’s joints are crafted with sure-hinge technology that will ensure steady support. The ladder’s step features a serrated surface for added steadiness.

The anti-skid legs of the ladder will allow care-free usage.

This steel ladder has wide steps to allow your feet enough space during elevation. The ladder

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Indoor planters: Bring the outside in with these ceramic planters for your houseplants | Most Searched Products

All indoor plants only require a container with a drainage hole and enough room for their roots to flourish — so, they’re more than easy to be moved around and replace with brand new planters. If you are looking for a brand new planter for your indoor plant, consider ceramic planters. The best ceramic planter will add colourful detail to your indoor garden and also provide a durable space for greenery to thrive. Ceramic planters are made from finely textured, light-coloured clay and then glazed. These containers are fired at a high kiln temperature, which reduces the pot’s porousness and vulnerability to the elements. Their natural construction and look add a wonderful detail the greenery planted in them. Ceramic planters in a smaller size are also great for tabletops, shelves and window panes. Check out the best ceramic planters you can buy online:

Spruce up your living space with this beautiful magnetic hydroponic planter. This mini ceramic planter is handpainted and can accommodate plants like Pothos, Philodendron, Syngonium, Aglaonema, Monstera, Lucky bamboo, Spider plant and more.

The ceramic planter measures 17.5 by 4.6 by 17.5 cm.

Ideal for indoor, outdoor and balcony gardens, these ceramic planters are designed with a

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Fragrance diffusers: Electric oil burners and diffusers for a fragrant home | Most Searched Products

There are plenty of ways to scent your home and electric oil burners or diffusers are one of the safest ones. Just like a conventional oil burner, an electric burner uses heat to disperse the natural fragrance of essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender and more. Electric oil burners can help you freshen up a room with a super easy method. These diffusers require only some water and a few drops of essential oil to turn a living space in a relaxing haven of good vibes. Check out a few options of electric oil diffusers below:

This oil burner is made from ceramic and is both a fragrance diffuser and decor piece. The diffuser is powered through electricity, making it a safe and reliable tool for home fragrance. The ceramic burner comes with a 10 ml bottle of lemongrass essential oil.

The diffuser will also cast gleaming yellow light and would certainly enhance the beauty of your abode.

The porcelain oil burner can be used as a diffuse as well as a night lamp. The diffuser features a cut-out motif of a tree will cast a shadow on the wall and act as a decorative accessory when lit.

The diffuser comes

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Home Decor tips: 5 decor items for creating an entryway that impresses onlookers | Most Searched Products

An entryway sets the tone for the entire home and often occupies minimal space- which means a renovation can be executed relatively quickly and economically. Give your entryway a facelift with minimal accessories and home decor tips and tools that serve a function while looking aesthetic. An entryway is the last thing to you see before you head out so a mirror would be very beneficial as an accessory. Seating that combines storage space is another great addition to the entryway one can keep all the necessary items that need quick access at one place. Check out our recommendations of products that will help you create an eye-pleasing entryway:

Add a punch of colour to the wall next to the doorway with a wall sticker. This nature-inspired wallpaper will liven up your walls and make it attractive. This wall sticker is available for
just Rs 129 on Amazon.

Make your entryway more than just a weird corner with a relaxed landing pad with storage, like this wooden bench with storage underneath.
This bench is crafted from Sheesham wood and will easily seat two people.

Beyond being practical, a mirror doubles up as a piece of decor that can dress up

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