GARDENING WITH THE MASTERS: Echalion shallot a winner among 2021 vegetable varieties | Lifestyle

As the 2021 vegetable seed catalogs show up in the mailbox, it is time to look at what might be a new or interesting vegetable variety to consider planting this spring. Some of these varieties may or may not be better or superior to the old tried and true ones but they usually offer distinctive characteristics such as different colors, or size of the vegetable. Other attributes are whether they can be grown in a container or pot, have enhanced disease resistance or a unique taste or flavor. As with many activities in life we gardeners sometimes get into the proverbial “rut” growing the same thing each year.

These new varieties help to expand our horticultural palate and, who knows, we might find something new that is neat, easier to grow, great tasting or provides greater yields.

The All-American Selections organization (, a nonprofit group established and supported by the flower and vegetable seed breeders. Each year AAS announces its yearly “Winners” for new introductions of flowers and vegetables. According to the AAS, the winner selections are the result being trialed at AAS Trial Ground locations around the country where breeders have their new, never-before-sold varieties grown and compared against

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