Beating the post-holiday decor slump

We did it! We survived 2020 and a — for a lack of better word — unique holiday season. Since we were spending most of our holiday time at home this year, I pulled out all the stops to make it feel as normal as possible. However, now it seems that the post-holiday decor slump is even more pronounced in my home.

By “post-holiday decor slump,” I mean the mantels that once boasted full garland now look bare and the corner of my living room that featured a magnificent tree looks a bit empty. The lack of Christmas cheer is leaving me in a bit of a funk. Where do we even start with bringing life back into our spaces after such a full and magical time of year?

Although it might be tempting, there is no need to pack up the whole house just yet. Starting fresh is much easier when focusing on one small area at a time. Whether that small space is your mantel, a tabletop or an entryway, starting with a blank slate is the way to go.

I like to start by taking everything off my surfaces and shelves, seasonal or not. It is a

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