Gardening: Plant Super Sugar Snap peas in January | Columnists

Garden peas, also called green peas or English peas to distinguish them from Southern peas, are my favorite spring vegetable crop. Peas must be planted early to get the best yield and quality.


The two basic types of garden peas are shelling peas with inedible pods and edible-podded peas, also called snap peas or sugar peas.

Snow peas are one type of edible-podded pea. Snow peas are harvested before the seeds develop, while snap peas are harvested after the seeds expand.

I prefer snap peas. The pods increase the volume of the edible portion of the crop, and they don’t require shelling.


Vigorous Super Sugar Snap peas produce long, sweet, crisp pods. Plant in January to harvest in April. Anthony Keinath/Provided

The only variety I plant is Super Sugar Snap. It had the best germination in a test I did years ago. This heat-tolerant variety produces pods on side shoots until June. The peas and pods are sweet and juicy.

Leftover seeds should be stored in the refrigerator to plant the following year.


In the Lowcountry and Midlands, peas must be seeded between Jan. 15 and Jan. 30. In the Upstate, plant in the first half of February.

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