Midcentury Modern Design Truly Soars at Portland’s Boomerang House

A midcentury modern home in the Pacific Northwest that pays homage to Frank Lloyd Wright is ready to swoop into the hands of a new owner.

Known as the Boomerang House, thanks to its unique shape, the home on Skyline Boulevard in Portland, OR, has skimmed onto the market for just under $1.8 million.

“It’s hard to see it necessarily when you’re inside the house, but if you’re looking at it from an aerial point of view, you can totally see that it’s shaped like a boomerang,” explains the listing agent, Mark Bisaccio.

The home was built in 1947, and was completely renovated by the current owners in the past few years. Bisaccio estimates that the owners spent about $700,000 on renovations.

Big changes include the removal of a wall between the kitchen and the living space, the addition of a garage, and the creation of a breezeway between the garage and the home.

“Everybody that sets foot in this house says they absolutely love it,” says Bisaccio. “Nobody walks into this house and says, ‘It’s OK.’ It gets great reactions from everybody.”

Exterior of home in Portland, OR

Chuck Schmidt


Chuck Schmidt

Aerial view

Chuck Schmidt

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