This Design Studio Helps Divorced Dads Create Fresh Spaces

In the third season of Breaking Bad, Walter White uses a mountain of crystal meth money to buy a furnished model condo. Despite the horror and soul erosion that led to that real estate sale, the well-designed apartment, with its big square chairs and smartly appointed decorations, is a scenario recently divorced dads might view with envy. Divorced men aren’t largely known for their interior design skills. 

a person sitting on a bed

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A divorce can feel like a death by a thousand cuts. Your finances and worth as a father and husband are put under a microscope. You face an unfamiliar future. And as you look at those difficult big picture life questions, you need to attend to nagging, thumbnail sketch concerns as well. You have to buy silverware, furniture, pots and pans, pizza slicers, water glasses, shower mats and everything else that makes a space livable. Coming home to a futon and bare walls weighs heavily on the soul soon after a marriage. You don’t want a forever home, necessarily. But you and the kids need a place to sleep. 

With her newly launched firm Stripe Street Studio, Tulsa Oklahoma-based entrepreneur and interior designer Stacey Herman aims to

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Kingston Lafferty Design incorporates wellness spaces into Belfast co-working office

Dublin interiors firm Kingston Lafferty Design has incorporated green walls, a yoga studio and rooftop terrace across the eight floors of this co-working office in the centre of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

a plant in front of a window: Green walls and sofa in the Urban HQ office by Kingston Lafferty Design

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Green walls and sofa in the Urban HQ office by Kingston Lafferty Design

Commissioned by property developer Magell, Kingston Lafferty Design (KLD) was asked to create warm and welcoming interiors for the 2,787-square-metre office — called Urban HQ — which breaks the traditional office mould.

a person sitting at a table in a dark room: Above: a custom pendant is suspended in the walnut-clad boardroom. Top image: green walls feature throughout the office

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Above: a custom pendant is suspended in the walnut-clad boardroom. Top image: green walls feature throughout the office

Informed by how the boundaries between work and leisure have become increasingly blurred in the past decade, the firm said it wanted the complex to provide workers and visitors with relaxed and informal spaces as well as areas for focused work.

In addition to the more traditional private working booths, open offices and meeting rooms, Urban HQ also features dedicated wellness and focus rooms, co-working areas, coffee docks and a central lounge and event space that employees can move freely between.

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table: Curtains help to separate spaces

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Curtains help to separate spaces

“Psychologically, it is beneficial to have

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In-fill, new construction and re-purposing old spaces and places all coming in 2021 | Real Estate

Hang on to your hats; residential real estate could have another explosive year here in the Grand Valley in 2021. There are dozens of subdivisions in various planning stages, including existing ones that are planning additional filings, as well as other new ones that will create thousands of building lots.

“Somewhere in the planning pipeline, we have bout 5,000 units – more than we’ll build in any one year,” said Dave Thornton, senior planner for the city of Grand Junction. Those 5,000 units include the large Redlands 360 development, which will most likely take 20 years to build out and will include between 1,300 to 1,800 lots.

While prospective buyers probably won’t see infrastructure or homes available at Redlands 360 in 2021, there are plenty of other subdivisions that will offer a greater variety of new housing in the coming year.

“There are quite a few townhome projects in the pipeline this year,” said Kevin Bray with Bray Real Estate, which publishes the monthly Bray Report and tracks other real estate trends in the Grand Valley. Bray is also developing Thunder Valley, which is a single family home subdivision in the northeast that’s opening up another filing, and is hoping

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Six home organization ideas for small spaces


Oh, to live in a huge home designed by professionals.

James Martin/CNET

One year ago, I spent most of my time working at the CNET Smart Home, a huge house outside Louisville, Kentucky, the inside of which is immaculately designed and beautifully spacious. And the dozens of windows (I know; I installed the smart shades) help it feel airier than even the huge footprint would imply.

But then Covid-19 hit, and my wife and I, with our two young children, decided to move in with my parents, in part to pay off debt, and in part to save money for buying our own house. We moved out of the first house we’d lived in as a family (before that, it’d been a series of apartments ranging from 600 to 720 square feet) and traveled to stay with my parents, where we would claim half of the second floor, including a bathroom, two bedrooms and a loft. We installed our own makeshift kitchenette and reacclimated to a space under 1,000 square feet.

Over the years, we’ve had to learn the hard way how

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As their family (and their landscape) grows, the owners of Zook & Oleson Gardening adapt their spaces for plants and people

THE TREES ARE big, the house is small (but very cool) and the gardens are always growing.

Ben Oleson and Jen Zook are owners of Zook & Oleson Gardening ( and parents to Indie (15) and Jesse (12). Two dogs, Joaquin and Fiona, and an “ancient” cat named Vincent, complete the household.

An avid plantsman, Oleson’s approach to garden design is grounded in plants. “I’m a gardener. If you want a garden, I’m your guy,” he says. “I only design what I can install — and I’m not that handy.”

I politely disagree as we walk among several Ben-built projects on the family’s large corner lot in West Seattle. The landscape is abundantly planted but prioritizes family life. Built features, like decking, an interesting dog-friendly fence (it has windows at canine height) and outbuilding storage solutions for the active family’s outdoor gear, are integrated with ornamental shrubs and perennials, edible gardens and berries.

Bisecting exuberantly planted garden beds, an informal boardwalk leads to a citrus yellow front door. The canopy of a truly impressive silver maple (Acer saccharinum) envelops the front garden and bustles with life. “The tree is a community of animals, the only ecosystem

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