3 Winter Design Shows That Are Sparking Wonder Right Now

The social-distancing axiom that “we come together by staying apart” is a cue that the world’s leading art and design dealers have clearly taken to heart. This month, a trio of compelling exhibitions are the product of collaborations between gallerists and curators, who are also making the fruits of their labor available for both online and IRL consumption.

The most ambitious of these partnerships is “DNA.” The project from Friedman Benda, Galerie kreo, and Salon 94 Design combines 84 works from the three powerhouses into a single online platform. Users may experience the website traditionally, scrolling down the landing or e-commerce page; or by organizing works by designers who include Najla El Zein, Kwangho Lee, and Jaime Hayon.

Visitors may also click the Essays tab for a more guided tour: On this page, curator and writer Glenn Adamson has reorganized the 84 pieces into groups of three, in 28 categories that include “Daily Enchantment” and “Electric Dreams.” Any one of these categories reveals a brief essay in which Adamson meditates on a theme common to that group. “Daily Enchantment” convenes three objects that bridge everyday life and spiritual practice, while “Electric Dreams” identifies the gap between industry and

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