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Timing is important

We are nearing the end of the season for planting cool-season veggies. There is still time to get in seeds of lettuce, spinach, beets, Swiss chard, carrots, peas (snap, English and snow), radishes and turnips. We can also set out transplants of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, bok choi, collards, kohlrabi, parsley and onions now, but don’t delay.

It is also time to plant potatoes. Cut the potatoes into egg-sized pieces with at least one eye each. Dust the cut surfaces with sulfur and set them on a wire screen to “heal over” for 2-3 days. This reduces losses from fresh-cut potatoes decaying in the soil.

Warm-season veggies like beans, squash, tomatoes and peppers go in after the average last frost date, so early March is a good time to plant them out in the garden. Don’t delay too long with these crops, either, or summer will arrive to minimize the harvest.

Check out our new Vegetable Garden Planting Dates chart, which provides both ideal and marginal planting times for 40 vegetables as well as our average first and last freeze dates.

Give ’em a boost

New transplants really respond to a dose of liquid fertilizer at

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FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. Available for Full Kitchen Renovations This Spring Season | Feb 2, 2021

Langhorne, PA — (SBWIRE) — 02/02/2021 — FINE Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Co. is currently scheduling appointments for full kitchen renovation projects this spring. As homeowners begin to think about what elements they would like to incorporate into their home, it’s worth taking the time to think of how vital storage might be. For families who require a lot of storage, it’s always best to consider remodeling their kitchens in a way that updates the cabinet space, opens up the kitchen to other areas of the house, and incorporates other storage elements like a kitchen island where possible.

Many individuals think about kitchen storage solely in terms of kitchen cabinets, and that makes it a perfect place to begin planning. Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, making them an excellent option for expanding a kitchen’s storage capacity without requiring other significant renovations to the room. However, if a homeowner assumes that cabinetry is the only option, they limit themselves significantly when it comes to kitchen design.

Another way to expand storage in a home’s kitchen besides expanding cabinet space is to open the space up to other areas of the house. By creating a more free-flowing floor plan, a

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Let nature in! Spring clean your home with expert tips on ‘biophilic’ design

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

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February has arrived and the dreaded spring clean has simmered to the top of our to-do lists.

We need not fear the purging of possessions this time of year calls for though, as an interior design expert has given EVOKE her top tips for decluttering our homes.

So, how do we rid ourselves of items that don’t spark joy and reclaim the precious spaces we live in with the help of biophilic design?

a person smiling for the camera: Alice Slattery offered advice as to how we can improve our homes with biophilic design.

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Alice Slattery offered advice as to how we can improve our homes with biophilic design.

Alice Slattery, of Interior Design and Staging Company House & Garden offers a number of tips for decluttering your home, with a focus on natural ways of achieving this, through biophilic design.

This concept enhances well-being and her tips help the visual appeal of your home, bringing wonderful mental and emotional benefits into the home.

She stated: ‘No matter where you live, whether it’s a small or big place, urban or rural, in the city or by the sea, your home should be a pleasure to live in.’

‘Clutter can be a very obvious problem, but it can also be a subtle issue which

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Woman inspires neighbors to keep Christmas lights on until spring

With Christmas two weeks past, Lisa Ohmer recently found herself outside her Merion Village home finally hanging up her holiday lights.

January might be the time of year when most people are taking down their Christmas displays — not putting them up — but Ohmer had good reason for the belated festive decorating. Amid the uncertainties and anxieties of an unprecedented year, Ohmer never got around to hanging her lights prior to Christmas, as she typically does.

But as she was walking her dog the day after Christmas, she took a moment to revel in the splendid light displays that line the streets of her community. She then became sad to think that her neighbors might soon be dismantling the seasonal decorations.

An idea occurred to her: What if people were to simply leave their lights on display as a show of solidarity while the community weathers the coronavirus pandemic and, perhaps, as a sign of support for health-care workers?

“I was thinking of how cheerful it looked and how it would look when it’s gone, which is gray and gloomy,” said the 53-year-old Ohmer, a Realtor. “I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if people just kept them up for

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The Target Spring Refresh line designed by Studio McGee

Target’s refreshing your home decor with a new collection called “Spring Refresh” that’s debuting with Threshold and Studio McGee. If you’re not familiar with Studio McGee, it is a popular home design studio and has over 2.3 million followers on Instagram. Studio McGee also has a TV show called “Dream Home Makeover” on Netflix. The collection features over 300 items, including home decor, organizers, kitchenware, patio essentials, and much more. Plus, it’s budget-friendly with prices starting at $7 and going up to $900 for select furniture. Target also has free delivery on orders of $35 or more. Head below the jump to find our top picks from Target’s Spring Refresh Line, and be sure to check out our latest guide to Le Creuset’s Valentine’s Day Collection.

“I am a huge fan because of this partnership because I love that Target cares about bringing good design to everybody, which aligns perfectly with my goal to build a brand that makes good design feel approachable. I’m excited that through this partnership, anyone can walk into Target and create a Studio McGee look in their own homes.” – Shea McGee

Kitchen & Dining Items

Everything in this collection is classic and

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Davis: Get an early start on spring gardening | Lifestyle

Have the recent warmer days given you the itch for spring gardening?

As much as I’ve enjoyed these recent days of mild temperatures and sunshine, I know we are just over two months away from our expected last average frost.

Yet if you want to get started on gardening this spring, you can start with some vegetables now in the middle of January by sowing seeds indoors. For those who want a jump on garden transplants such as tomatoes, peppers and more, you can do so by growing your transplants from seed.

In fact, if you start now, you would be exactly at the eight-week head start that some of our vegetables need. Others that take less time can still be started and will give you early production before the hot summer arrives.

By starting plants early, you can get a huge advantage on almost any vegetable you can think of.

The investment can be very small. While it is possible to go a little wild on supplies, you should be able to get a few items to start hundreds of plants this year, next year and for years to come. And I guarantee that you can find everything you

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GROOMS GARDENING: Prepare now for spring gardening | Local News

We are 10 days into January 2021. Everyone is hoping this will be a much better year than 2020. We are all tired of staying at home, not getting to meet friends and eat out and all the other small pleasures of life.

Gardening is a pastime that does not involve others, most of us are socially distanced when we are gardening and it’s very healthy exercise. We are forecast to have another week about like this past one, cool days and chilly nights.

Although it seems to have come very quickly, it is time to start planting your spring bedding plants from seed. If you like to grow your own spring transplants, starting early will produce strong young seedlings when it’s time to plant.

Some spring flowers can be planted outside from seed now. Larkspur and all types of poppies prefer not to be transplanted once they have germinated. Prepare the soil, scatter the seed over the loose soil, water the seed gently into the soil and keep the area moist until after the plants have germinated and are a few inches tall.

Larkspur does well in this area if planted early enough to bloom before the heat arrives.

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Microgreens bring spring flavor in January

The cold winds and rain of January clash mightily with our culinary dreams of adding bright, flavorful herbs and vegetables to our meals, but there is some tiny magic to be had in the form of microgreens.

We’re talking barely germinated plants that, with the snip of the scissors, can provide those flavors we’ve been missing ever since our summer garden went fallow.

Growing microgreens is not only a tasty thing to do, but it’s a lot of fun, says Louise Christy, a Santa Clara Master Gardener experienced in growing microgreens.

All you need is some potting soil, a shallow tray, a lot of seeds, a little water and a warm spot in your home. Best of all, you won’t have to wait months for the crop to develop — in about 10 days you can have the taste of basil, radishes, mustard greens, broccoli and more.

Your harvest won’t be enough to make a big salad, Christy says. That’s because you’ll be eating the first sprouts emerging from the seeds, not waiting for the plant to grow and produce fruit. But your micro garden will offer plenty of flavor you can add to your dishes or use to garnish

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Edie Parker Launches Whimsical Home Collection For Spring 2021

Edie Parker’s whimsical acrylic handbags stop you in your tracks. Oftentimes, the bright, colorful bags depict more everyday objects, whether it’s a piece of shrimp (yes, really) or fruit. Founder Brett Heyman, who splits her time between New York City and Connecticut with her family, founded Edie Parker in 2010 and began designing home decor in 2016. 

Heyman recently launched the Spring 2021 collection and, unsurprisingly, it’s just as colorful and cute as her past collections. Just in time for warmer weather, the collection feels fruit-focused, with watermelon fruit bowls and trays, tic-tac-toe game boards, acrylic Connect Four sets and  tabletop lighter and ashtray sets, all in a rainbow of colors.

Other items in her home decor collections include coasters, picture frames, candlestick holders, vases, chargers for plates, checkers boards, totems, vanity trays, swizzle sticks and card boxes. Edie Parker is also known for its custom capabilities, like adding a name on a bag or tray.

Heyman’s foray into home decor came from her clients who would use their handbags as coffee table decor when they weren’t using  them. 

“The fact

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