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News reports about market volatility and the wide-ranging swings in the stock market regularly dotted the headlines last year. From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to the hotly contested presidential election and everything in between, 2020 was a year of extremes that made investing a trickier and riskier venture than usual. So, although experts believe 2021 will be a better year for investing in the stock market, experts say it’s still practical to consider diversifying your portfolio with different investing options. And that’s where DiversyFund makes its entrance. 

What is DiversyFund?

DiversyFund is a different way to invest online. This platform makes it easier and less risky to invest in alternative assets. As you already know, you have to invest your money, rather

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Why you should always start with flooring when it comes to interior design

a double bed in a room

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There’s a reason neutral, plain carpets dominate the flooring market. I’m afraid to say that the non-committal, non-colours of grey, beige and greige are easy outs. Their use is symbolic of a refusal to engage with the true potential of a space. A floor left grey is the last chocolate in the box left uneaten.

The fear of getting it wrong is a major driver in the popularity of boring flooring. To avoid this fear, interior designers suggest starting with the floor instead of leaving its consideration to the end of the design process. Many of them believe that it is the flooring that should serve as the palette for the rest of the space, giving the room in question a grounding (if you will…) of colour and pattern. As interior design doyenne Michelle Ogundehin recently told ELLE Decoration, “the most important design decision [is] the flooring. Literally and visually, it is the foundation for everything, underpinning every view and item lain upon it”.

This doesn’t mean the flooring should be installed first, but throughout the design process, consider carrying around a carpet swatch in your back pocket to fan thoughtfully beside paint colours,

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Adopt a few new practices to start your gardening year off right | Community

Did you make a new year’s resolution this month? Extension gardening educators have come up with a few gardening practice resolutions that should be easy to keep and are sure to help you help your garden grow in 2021.

Write down observations in a gardening journal. Often, nature has a way of telling you about whether your practices are successful or not. Noting certain diseases, insects or weeds can influence your decisions and help you to make informed choices for the future. — Shane Bugeja

Anticipate insect and disease issues, and come up with a preventative management plan. The UMN VegEdge website lists insect profiles for many of the vegetables we grow in Minnesota. If you’re trying a new crop or just need a refresher, take a look at the crop profile and learn about the insects you should anticipate for next year’s garden. — Natalie Hoidal

Keep the labels of plants that you buy

Knowing exactly what a plant is, including the name of the cultivar or variety, is important. This is true of annual vegetables as well as permanent long lived trees. My memory is never good enough. I keep the labels for each year in a large

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Davis: Get an early start on spring gardening | Lifestyle

Have the recent warmer days given you the itch for spring gardening?

As much as I’ve enjoyed these recent days of mild temperatures and sunshine, I know we are just over two months away from our expected last average frost.

Yet if you want to get started on gardening this spring, you can start with some vegetables now in the middle of January by sowing seeds indoors. For those who want a jump on garden transplants such as tomatoes, peppers and more, you can do so by growing your transplants from seed.

In fact, if you start now, you would be exactly at the eight-week head start that some of our vegetables need. Others that take less time can still be started and will give you early production before the hot summer arrives.

By starting plants early, you can get a huge advantage on almost any vegetable you can think of.

The investment can be very small. While it is possible to go a little wild on supplies, you should be able to get a few items to start hundreds of plants this year, next year and for years to come. And I guarantee that you can find everything you

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Get growing: How to start indoor gardening | Entertainment

Limited social gatherings and events due to the pandemic now coupled with cold weather, have left us with more time than ever spent at home and indoors. You might be dreaming of summer days and time spent in the yard, but you don’t need a garden patch to be able to grow flowers, vegetables or herbs. Here’s how you can start gardening indoors and growing all year long.

‘Fresh herbs at your fingertips’

While one benefit of indoor plants is the brightness they can add to a space, some can yield tasty results, too.

Herbs can be effortless plants to grow indoors during the colder months.

Rosemary, thyme and basil, are all good options to grow indoors, but instead of starting with a seed, you may want to pick up a plant of these herbs to add to your garden. While it is possible to start from a seed, an indoor environment doesn’t provide the best conditions for herb growth, local Master Gardener Sarah Buechel said.

If you’d like to begin your garden with seeds, an herb like chives would grow best, she added.

“If you have the center of your kitchen island or table and it’s got beautiful midday

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Start planning now for your summer garden

Along with federal income tax forms, seed catalogs arrive in some of the first mail of the new year. And 2021 might be a year when gardeners will want to consider ordering their seeds as soon as possible to avoid potential shortages.

a man sitting in front of a window: Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan

In 2020, consumers saw spikes and shortages throughout many sectors of the economy, including home gardening. Interest in all types of home gardening skyrocketed last year, with sales of seeds and other gardening supplies hitting record highs.

Those items sold out quickly in some areas. Gardeners often found it difficult to locate certain seeds, particularly at retail outlets.

a close up of a pepper: Columbus-based Livingston Seed is prepared for a surge in demand in 2021.

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Columbus-based Livingston Seed is prepared for a surge in demand in 2021.

Seed companies have increased production capacity to meet an expected increase in demand for 2021. 

Columbus-based Livingston Seed saw an unprecedented spike in packet sales in 2020, and it is poised to respond to increased demand in 2021, said David Sborden, vice president for sales.

Jamie Mattikow, CEO and president of W. Atlee Burpee & Co., one of the largest suppliers of vegetable seeds for home gardeners in the United

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