Actress Jillian Clare talks cooking and baking (Includes interview)

She is drawn to cooking and baking for a variety of reasons. “I’m not sure what it is exactly, but baking just totally relaxes me. I’m a big type A personality and I like that baking is precise. Everything needs to be measured out to just the right amount or the whole bake will be off,” she said.

“I bake a lot of bread and most of my recipes come from Bonnie Ohara’s bread book,” she said. “She’s an incredible bread maker and I love her recipes. I have also been obsessed with 6” cakes recently and trying out different designs. My neighbors are loving the free sweets.”


Regarding her inspirations to cook and bake in the kitchen, she said, “A lot of my cake inspiration comes from Instagram. There are a few accounts I’m obsessed with – @cakedbykatie, @bakingwithblondie and @ennahs.cakes have been my favorites recently. Their work is incredible and watching them try new designs is always inspiring to me. When I make bread, I usually do it on days I know we’re making something fun for dinner. If it’s a pasta night, I’ll start my dough early to make a good focaccia. I’ll also make bread if

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The Agency’s Founder & CEO Mauricio Umansky Talks Luxury Real Estate Moving Into 2021

The Agency’s founder & CEO Mauricio Umansky talks luxury real estate moving into 2021. Umansky founded the luxury brokerage firm in 2011 as an “industry disruptor” with one small Beverly Hills office.  Fast forward to today—The Agency has global brand status with over 700 agents in 36 corporate-owned and franchise locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  

The Agency’s latest Annual Report: The Red Paper 2020 took a deep dive into 16 U.S. and 6 international markets with Agency locations.  

Here are a few highlights from The Agency’s Red Paper:

Pent-Up Demand and Limited Inventory: Markets that saw a slow to steady pace of absorption pre-COVID, experienced extreme demands for inventory. For instance, in Park City and Aspen, properties such as lots and pre-construction homes, which typically spent months on the market before the right buyer came along, sold for handsome sums to buyers looking to custom build or live a little way outside of town.

Lifestyle-Driven Real Estate Transactions: A wave of lifestyle-driven real estate purchases began across the country in the spring. Scores of newly minted remote employees fundamentally moved markets—an impact that

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Donahue Peebles III talks affordable housing and gentrification

  • Donahue Peebles III has worked for his father’s real-estate firm, Peebles Corporation, since high school.
  • He’s passionate about gentrification, telling Insider that lack of affordable housing is “a failure of American society.”
  • Peebles talked to Insider about affordable housing, gentrification, and what he expects under a Biden presidency.
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In real estate, there are NIMBYs and YIMBYs, and Donahue Peebles III knows where he stands.

For decades, “NIMBY,” which stands for “not in my backyard,” referred to homeowners who oppose nearby development. The “YIMBY,” naturally, says yes to the same proposition. To hear Donahue Peebles III tell it, more development won’t just be good for his family’s company — he’s a real-estate development heir — but also a key to civil-rights progress in the Biden era.

“As developers, we have such an outsized effect on the world in which everyday folks live, far more than an options trader would or your Wall Street executive,” Peebles told Insider. “Everybody, every day, interfaces with real estate, multiple times a day.”

Peebles works at Peebles Corporation, which was founded by his father, Donald Peebles II, in 1983 and has grown into of the nation’s

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(LCY), Forest Oil Corporation (NYSE:FST) – Hillman Group In Talks With Tilman Fertitta SPAC: Bloomberg

Tilman Fertitta may be targeting a fastener and home improvement company with the third Landcadia Holdings SPAC.

What Happened: Fertitta’s Landcadia Holdings III Inc (NASDAQ: LCY) is in talks to take Hillman Group public, according to Bloomberg.

Hillman makes fasteners and home improvement products. The company supplies products to over 38,000 companies, including top home improvement retailers Home Depot Inc (NYSE: HD) and Lowe’s Companies Inc (NYSE: LOW).

The deal could value Hillman at over $2 billion. Hillman has been owned by private equity company CCMP since 2014, when it was purchased for $1.5 billion from another private equity company.

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Why It’s Important: Fertitta has quickly become an experienced name in the SPAC market. Landcadia Holdings’ first SPAC took Waitr Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: WTRH) public in Nov. 2018. The second Fertitta SPAC took Golden Nugget Online Inc (NASDAQ: GNOG) public last month.

Fertitta is also in talks for his restaurant and casino businesses to go public with SPAC Fast Acquisition Corp (NYSE: FST), according to Bloomberg.

Price Action: Shares of Landcadia Holdings III traded higher on the rumor and were halted briefly on

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