Taylor Spellman Launches Discovery+ Show

Photo illustration of Taylor Spellman (Discovery+, iStock/Illustration by Alexis Manrodt for The Real Deal)

Photo illustration of Taylor Spellman (Discovery+, iStock/Illustration by Alexis Manrodt for The Real Deal)

Taylor Spellman, a veteran of New York City’s interior design and home-staging game, is launching a new show on Discovery+.

The premise of the series, “One Week to Sell” is simple: Spellman’s interior design firm swoops into a sad home that’s languishing on the market and gets one week and a $10,000 budget to transform it into a must-buy.

The show debuts today with the release of the first three episodes. New ones come out weekly on Wednesdays.

The properties featured in the show are in New York’s tri-state area, where sales have soared since the pandemic began last year, as buyers sought bigger homes with outdoor space.

But some of the homes Spellman works on are in dire shape. A dank, dark brick kitchen, misshapen rooms, ghastly carpeting and dated wallpaper are some of the challenges she confronts each episode.

“Once I give this the hug it deserves, it’s just going to be money,” Spellman says in one episode after she salvages a rickety, run-down table from the roadside and refurbishes it as a buffet table for a dining room.

“It’s about creating a place

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‘Last Man Standing’ Fans Are Demanding a ‘Home Improvement’ Reboot Following a ‘Tool Man Taylor’ Cameo

Tim Allen is a man of many talents, but one of his best-known characters remains Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from the popular 90s sitcom Home Improvement. The actor and comedian has worked on many projects since the series finale, yet many of his followers are still obsessed with that one role.

Currently, Allen leads an ensemble cast on the Fox series Last Man Standing. A recent episode included a cameo from none other than The Tool Man, much to the delight of his past and present fans. The appearance has viewers wishing for a Home Improvement reboot — and hoping that was a teaser for the future project.

‘Home Improvement’ made Tim Allen a household name

Tim Allen and Richard Karn
Tim Allen and Richard Karn | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television

Allen spent a long time performing stand up comedy before striking gold by landing the lead in Home Improvement. The series debuted in 1991 and quickly became one of the highest-rated sitcoms of the decade. It was all thanks to the relatable humor which audiences could truly connect with.

The show followed the Taylor family, including Allen as the father, his wife Jill, and

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How ‘Last Man Standing’ Got Permission to Use Tim Taylor Character

Fox’s “Last Man Standing” is going big in its final season, with an episode featuring Tim Allen in his leading role of Mike Baxter and reprising Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, the iconic character he played on ABC’s “Home Improvement” for eight seasons from 1991-1999.

The bit will come in the second episode of “Last Man Standing’s” upcoming ninth season, when Vanessa hires a home improvement repairman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mike, who is struggling with an idea for his Outdoor Man 10th Anniversary vlog. And the idea for this epic half-hour, which airs Jan. 7 on Fox, came about because the broadcast network wanted to kick off the sitcom’s final season with something flashy.

“We had already broken the first seven episodes and our intention was to have the ‘Time Flies’ [flash-forward] be the first episode. And Fox came to us and said, ‘We’d love it if you could come up with some big promotable event.’ And I always hate that, especially on this show, where we tell smaller stories about family interaction,” “Last Man Standing” showrunner Kevin Abbott told TheWrap. “Plus, it’s difficult to come up with some huge promotable event that happens in our little

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‘Last Man Standing’: Mike Baxter Meets Tim ‘Tool Man’ Taylor

Tim Allen will be pulling double duty on Thursday’s episode of the ninth and final season of “Last Man Standing,” playing both the Fox comedy’s lead character, Mike Baxter, and reprising his iconic role of Tim Taylor from ABC’s “Home Improvement.” And TheWrap has the exclusive sneak peek at the first meeting between Allen’s two alter egos.

In the clip above, you’ll see Mike come face to face with the Tool Man, as the two realize how “bizarre” and “freaky” it is that they look so alike. Well… Mike says they look exactly alike, except Tim’s hair “is a little grayer,” while Tim agrees the resemblance is strong, but Mike needs to dye his hair. Yeah, they aren’t exactly hitting it off right away — but Vanessa gets the biggest kick out of their identical appearances.

When she leaves the boys alone, Tim begins to explain why he, a Detroit native, is over in Colorado — and why he’s picking up a handyman gig at the Baxters’ home. He tells Tim he heard about his lookalike, and when he was out west checking on one of the

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How Tim The Tool Man Taylor Wound Up on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing


The Masked Dancer Offers Powerfully Moving Performance, Unmasks ’90s Television Icon

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How Home Improvement’s Tim “The Toolman” Taylor Returns

The new episode of Last Man Standing called “Dual Time” saw the comeback of Tim “The Toolman” Taylor from Home Improvement, with series star Tim Allen playing both roles with some visual effects magic. With Taylor meeting Allen’s other role Mike Baxter, it marked the first on-screen appearance of the popular sitcom character in over 20 years. So how did it all come together?

The crossover kicks off when Mike’s wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis) hires a handyman from Binford to fix their broken garbage disposal. Mike himself is struggling with his latest vlog for his website, which is causing him to procrastinate on fixing the disposal himself; he refuses to hire someone else to do a man’s job, though his writer’s block is preventing him from doing it himself.

Just as he’s coming up with an idea that involves everyone being a “snowflake,” Vanessa reveals Binford’s owner decided to take the job himself because of how similar the two look. The guys bond over some playful ribbing, including Taylor’s trademark grunting that Mike finds annoying.

After a minor argument and a Home Improvement call back to the neighborly discussions with Wilson, the two find some common ground. Tim reveals

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