Moses Nadel Turns Organic Materials Into Textural Wall Hangings and Home Accessories

It can be hard to squarely categorize the work of Moses Nadel: The decorative accessories and wall hangings the creative duo makes in their Long Island studio aren’t quite furniture but aren’t your typical art either. Their oversized wall hangings take cues from jewelry design, but they favor plush materials like supple leather and puffy shearling. This makes sense when you consider the company’s roots: Moses and Lara Nadel met almost 10 years ago, when he was working on a bespoke bag line and she was designing jewelry. “We kind of came together with our roots,” explains Lara.

By 2012, they had established Moses Nadel, where they apply the sensibility of their different creative backgrounds to an array of home accessories, wall hangings, and other bespoke items. “We basically create boutique products for your life and for your body,” Moses summarizes.

The company was founded in Bushwick, but, after the couple welcomed their son, they expanded to a live-work space in the town of Sea Cliff, on Long Island. “It’s our treehouse slash workspace,” says Moses of the setting, which comprises a contemporary turret adjacent to a 19th-century cottage.

Here, the couple works with a range of materials, favoring those

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