Leading Online Interior Design Service, Havenly Announces the Addition of Tina Sharkey to Its Board of Directors


Havenly, the popular online interior design service that makes decorating simple, convenient, and affordable, is pleased to announce that celebrated entrepreneur Tina Sharkey has joined the company’s board of directors. The announcement comes on the heels of a record setting year for the brand, which saw an increased demand for its services as the importance of the home was elevated and technology’s integral role in the future of interior design was emphasized. The addition of Tina Sharkey to Havenly’s board comes as the Denver-based technology company enters its next chapter, seeking to continue further democratizing interior design while simultaneously expanding its footprint in the home category.

“There has never been a more important time to help everybody transform their home into a space that they truly love,” notes Tina Sharkey. “I’ve always been passionate about design and self-expression, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the Board of Directors to support Lee and the rest of her leadership team as they execute and scale with speed and discipline to meet the fast-growing demand for their products and services. Havenly is building the next great home brand, curating a community of decor enthusiasts connecting them to

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How designer Tina Norden gave Feast restaurant at East Hong Kong an interior revamp for the times

a group of people that are set up on a dining room table: The revamped Feast restaurant at East Hong Kong. Photo: Handout

The revamped Feast restaurant at East Hong Kong. Photo: Handout


“The brief was to take the best bits of Feast and then marry in some of the functions that were maybe lacking previously. Although Feast was modern when it opened, there’s now a lot more demand for a type of shared workspace. Adding Domain, a cafe, would give guests a more casual food option, somewhere that would serve people through the day.

“Chef Mark Percy wanted to keep the semi-buffet but was keen to open up the kitchen more, to take it out from behind the glass wall and make it more lively and engaging. All of these elements had to be layered into the existing space.

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“We thought about the gradation of materiality. We wanted the restaurant tones to be darker, warmer and more cosseting so it’s much, much richer on that side, while on the Domain side, which is more of an approachable, interactive daytime space – with cakes and coffees and bread being baked – it’s much brighter with lighter colours.

“The idea was to always have the

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