Want to pick up gardening tips? Here are some podcasts, online newsletters to check out

Gardeners often like to talk about their favorite pastime, but these days, folks might find themselves digging in the dirt alone. Still, planters and growers can smile when tips and tidbits about gardening land in their email inbox or make their way through their earbuds.  

a bird perched on a tree branch: Know how to prune live oaks to protect the trees and promote growth. Removing branches all the way to the source is best.

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Know how to prune live oaks to protect the trees and promote growth. Removing branches all the way to the source is best.

From selecting fertilizer to cutting back perennials to growing orchids, gardening e-newsletters and podcasts often cover an array of topics. For those who sign up, newsletters can be received regularly from various gardening organizations, publications, nurseries and others. 

Podcasts likewise are created by numerous sources, from home gardeners to professionals. Podcasts run anywhere from just a few minutes to much longer. They are available through a variety of platforms or on many of these programs’ websites. These programs can be informative and occasionally entertaining. As a bonus, gardeners can enjoy relating to kindred spirits. 

Here’s a sampling of what’s available for plant lovers who are eager to read up, listen up or both: 

“The Old Farmer’s Almanac” (almanac.com): Many people recognize the long-lasting, familiar “The Old

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Learn gardening tips on zoom through a York County ‘Master Your Garden’ program

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The York County Public Library, Poquoson Public Library, and York-Poquoson Master Gardeners are hosting a series of educational gardening seminars on Zoom. (WYDaily/ Annie Gallo)
The York County Public Library, Poquoson Public Library, and York-Poquoson Master Gardeners are hosting a series of educational gardening seminars on Zoom. (WYDaily/ Annie Gallo)

Get prepared for a beautiful garden this spring and summer by learning some tips and tricks from a local virtual Master Your Garden class.

York County and Poquoson Public Libraries are partnering with the York-Poquoson Virginia Cooperative Extension office to host a series of virtual classes presented by Master Gardeners.

Master Gardeners’ mission as trained volunteers in partnership with the York–Poquoson, VCE agency, is to provide gardening educational opportunities to the public through research-based gardening programs and activities to enhance the environment and community. For more information on Master Gardeners click here.

The Master Your Garden series features a variety of Saturday seminars to help community members improve their gardening skills. Below are the classes on the schedule:

Starting from Seed (Feb. 6)

  • Join Master Gardener Nate Brauner and learn simple techniques and secrets to growing flowers, vegetables and favorite plants from seeds at home.

Pruning (Feb. 13)

  • Master Gardener Mary Boxer will lead the class to teach the safe and proper use of pruning tools to improve the health, longevity and appearance of
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Buying a house? Keep these five tips in mind

The best way is to set up income through multiple sources to avoid any disruptions later.

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The best way is to set up income through multiple sources to avoid any disruptions later.

Buying a home is usually the biggest financial decision of our lives which requires a lot of planning and research, due diligence, and a highly focussed approach. A wrong decision while buying a home can cause financial distress, but in the current situation, it could have devastating financial implications. However, it’s also a fact the realty market has witnessed attractive price corrections amid record-low home loan interest rates. Here are a few important things you should keep in mind before taking the plunge.

Stable source of income

It’s important to have stable and adequate income while you plan to buy a home. Many who are servicing home loans are struggling to pay their EMIs after losing their jobs or experiencing pay-cuts because of the Covid-19 crisis. And while the moratoriums have given them temporary relief, their overall loan burden or repayment tenure is likely to have increased. If you plan to buy a home now, you must make sure that you will have sufficient funds to repay your loan dues in full on time. The best way is

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Tips for making a tiny kitchen work

I have actually enjoyed many wonderful meals made by people who have created the feasts in tiny kitchens. These kitchens are so small that it is possible to lean over and stir a sauce while kicking a drawer closed with a leg extended in a small but impressive Ninja-like move.

Here are some tips for making the most of your space:

You have to think economically about your space. Storage is key. Adding floating shelves, a magnetic knife bar, a wine rack and pot racks are just a few ideas. Utilizing the space on top of your shelves and refrigerator can help a great deal for larger items and things you don’t use daily. Wire risers for your shelves can often double your shelf space. Storage organizers can help you maximize your drawer and shelf space.

Hanging things can free up a lot of space. Adding little hooks to the walls, the sides of cabinets and inside cabinet doors can help you free up counter space. You can hang pot lids or pot holders on the inside of a cabinet door. Hanging items you use frequently like measuring cups can free up drawer space for other items you don’t use

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Design Tips for Kitchen Flooring and Cabinets | Home Guides

Families often spend more time in the kitchen than they do in any other room of the home. So it makes sense that a lot of thought and design consideration go into the selection of kitchen cabinets and the flooring. The kitchen cabinets are one of the largest, most visible components of the kitchen design, while the floor needs to hold up to the traffic of the kitchen while complementing its style.

Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen, with the upper cabinets being right in the line of sight. They often set the tone for the style of the rest of the kitchen. For contemporary spaces, look for slab-style cabinet fronts and sleek, solid finishes with little grain and no glazing. In formal kitchens, think about using a traditional overlay cabinet front, and include decorative filler panels at the ends of the rows. Select a wood species with some character, such as Brazilian cherry, and include a glaze to add depth to the color.

Flooring Materials

Take the material your kitchen flooring is made of into consideration when you select its style. Kitchen floors get a lot of foot traffic and abuse when

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Interior design tips for young millionaires | Jack Marshall’s column

Ferran Torres (credit @ferrantorres7 Insta)
Ferran Torres (credit @ferrantorres7 Insta)

It was a picture of Ferran Torres, a young Spanish professional footballer who recently moved to Manchester City from his hometown club of Valencia.

Here was a young man with the world at his feet. Employed by one of the world’s biggest sporting entities and one of the brightest talents Spain – a country to football what Switzerland is to watchmaking – has, his weekly wage amounts to something in the tens of thousands of pounds.

But the picture was tragic.

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In a city-centre apartment bursting at the seams with the kind of square-footage that a 20-year-old simply does not have the first clue what to do with, Ferran sits desolately on a sofa so silver, gaudy, and garish only a footballer could voluntarily purchase it. Next to him is what looks like an errant bed pillow masquerading as a sofa cushion.

The rug under the couch is Manchester-sky grey and in the worryingly austere background is the discarded box for a PS5, a solo gaming kit designed for swift pack-up-and-go, and a gaming chair that probably cost more than my house.

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Pro Tips for Shopping Facebook Marketplace for Furniture


It’s a gold mine of finds, provided you know how to navigate it.

facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a gold mine of furniture finds — if you know how to navigate it. Photograph by
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Facebook Marketplace is a gold mine of finds, provided you know how to navigate it. Luckily, avid user Aly McBride of the Main Line Find has a few tips.

Search the smart way

Marketplace functions on an algorithm, so the more you key in related terms, the more results for those terms will show in your feed. If you’re after a mid-century-style chair, for example, McBride suggests starting with “mid-century chair,” then trying a series of “chair” followed by specific designers. If it’s more an overall aesthetic you’re seeking — Bohemian, Hollywood Regency — pair that term with a variety of furniture types.

Curate your feed

Though you have the option to be notified when a new listing matches a term, McBride finds the results limiting. Instead, she commits to regular check-ins, sometimes several a day. Tailoring results as they come in makes this more

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Choosing a kitchen island: 5 expert design tips

Choosing a kitchen island is arguably the most important part of the design journey: after all, it will dominate your new kitchen and probably be where most of the cooking and entertaining takes place. 

a room filled with furniture and a fireplace: How to choose a kitchen island

© Provided by Homes & Gardens
How to choose a kitchen island

An island is an eye-catching, versatile addition to any kitchen, but we can often find it difficult to know how to incorporate one into our kitchen layout and to choose from the different options available. 

However, these expert tips are designed to help you make the right choice of kitchen island. If you want more pictures – having read the advice – go to our kitchen island ideas feature which will help you to finalize that all-important decision.

Choosing a kitchen island: expert advice

Head of Retail & Commercial Design at Life Kitchens, Graeme Smith shares his top tips to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen island.

1. Ensure the layout is right

‘Adding an island to a kitchen is a great way to increase food preparation areas and storage options. However, when looking to incorporate an island to a layout, it is essential to consider the available circulation space. 

‘The desired amount

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Top Real Estate Agent in Charlotte and Beyond: Haya Freitekh Shares Tips

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02/03/2021, Charlotte, NC // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Getting to the top of the real estate market is a goal of every real estate agent looking to make it big in the industry. Along the way, there are hurdles and challenges that need to be overcome, but most agents have a mentor in their agency who can guide them along the way. This is just one piece of the total pie that an agent needs to consider to advance their career and propel their business forward. Haya Freitekh is one of the top candidates to consider when you are looking to find a top real estate agent in Charlotte.

One can know more about her services at the website  www.hayafreitekh.com

Haya Freitekh shared the one piece of sales advice that she received that has proven the most useful throughout her career. Here is what she had to say:

1. Don’t Sell

When it comes to real estate, in particular, an agent’s job is not to sell. We should facilitate and coach our clients. When someone feels or finds out they

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Let nature in! Spring clean your home with expert tips on ‘biophilic’ design

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table

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February has arrived and the dreaded spring clean has simmered to the top of our to-do lists.

We need not fear the purging of possessions this time of year calls for though, as an interior design expert has given EVOKE her top tips for decluttering our homes.

So, how do we rid ourselves of items that don’t spark joy and reclaim the precious spaces we live in with the help of biophilic design?

a person smiling for the camera: Alice Slattery offered advice as to how we can improve our homes with biophilic design.

© Provided by Evoke.ie
Alice Slattery offered advice as to how we can improve our homes with biophilic design.

Alice Slattery, of Interior Design and Staging Company House & Garden offers a number of tips for decluttering your home, with a focus on natural ways of achieving this, through biophilic design.

This concept enhances well-being and her tips help the visual appeal of your home, bringing wonderful mental and emotional benefits into the home.

She stated: ‘No matter where you live, whether it’s a small or big place, urban or rural, in the city or by the sea, your home should be a pleasure to live in.’

‘Clutter can be a very obvious problem, but it can also be a subtle issue which

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