Interior design trends to look out for in 2021

Trends in the homewares market have been duly informed by the persistent, lingering and insidious threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. Home is where we’ve been this year, and home is where, it appears, we’ll be staying until further notice. Spending so much time at home has provided us with the opportunity, pursued or not, to assess what it is that we really need from our homes to improve our lives. We have had the chance to consider how our spaces, both before and during the pandemic, can be reconfigured or enhanced in some way to make our daily tasks and routines easier and more pleasurable.

Having put the question of 2021 homeware trends to some top industry spokespeople, the presiding forecast for the New Year seems to be (no drumroll necessary) homeliness. What we want from our homes is a sense of escape from the outside world; a cocoon closeness to protect and comfort us. As Emma Deterding, the founder of Kelling Designs and KD Loves ( puts it, “with the vast majority of us spending more time at home, there has been a big shift in people redecorating to refresh their homes, making sure that they are

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How CB2 tapped internal experts and interior designers to predict 2021 home trends

CB2 is kicking off 2021 by releasing its first ever “Next in Design” report, a comprehensive projection of the interior design trends that will shape the home over the next year. The brand surveyed more than 900 interior designers from its Design Trade program to gather insight into what products and materials are most in demand from their clients.

The report found four major design trends based on internal expertise and designer responses: bold, maximalist statement pieces; a desire for stylish outdoor furniture; mineral-inspired color palettes; and a demand for more organic, sustainable materials. “We’re always looking ahead to what’s next, which is why the trends surfacing this year are things that have been informing not only our current collection but what’s to come throughout the year,” says Samie Barr, vice president of marketing at CB2. “The materials, colors, silhouettes and influences are reflected in the products we have available to shop right now, and this trend report serves as our exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at our ever-evolving inspiration.”

CB2 predicts that outdoor furniture will continue to be important to consumers.

CB2 predicts that outdoor furniture will continue to be important to consumers.Courtesy of CB2

There’s a fine line between chasing trends and valuable market research—and CB2 president Ryan Turf

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New Year, New Interior Design Trends

There are a lot of different aspects that go into interior design. Here are a few tips, tricks, styles and trends that you can take into consideration before you start updating or staging the apartments in your community.

Sustainability: Less is more

Sustainability should be an essential part of every person’s approach to design, from energy efficiency to reducing environmental impact. A few tips for property managers looking for a green approach are:

  • maximize the efficient use of space
  • reduce waste by using reclaimed or recycled materials
  • plan for energy-efficient lighting
  • use non-toxic and non-polluting products

Fortunately, there are many safe and chemical-free products available, as well as a lot of vintage and antique décor and furniture stores that sell items that can be repurposed or refinished to give them a new life. Decorative objects using sustainable materials such as jute, rice papers and clay will be in this year. By incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly materials when designing your apartment, you’ll be doing your part in promoting energy efficiency and responsibility.

Multi-functional furniture

When it comes to the furniture, use multi-functional pieces. This way you save a lot of space and money. Living in a smaller place doesn’t mean that you

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Kitchen Faucet Market Key Drivers, Restraints, Industry Size & Share, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecasts up to 2026

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Feb 03, 2021 (The Expresswire) —
Over the past few years, the plumbing business is flourishing, which is encouraging growth in the global Kitchen Faucets Market. The overall kitchen faucet market is expected to grow from USD 5,935.3 Million in 2017 to USD 9,611.6 Million by 2025 at a CAGR of 6.3{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} during the forecast period. This information was published in a report, titled “Kitchen Faucets Market Size, Share and Global Trend By Product (Pull-Down Faucet, Pull-Out Faucet, Hands-Free, Bar Faucets, Pot Filters, Faucet with side Spray), By Installation Type (Deck Mount, Wall Mount), By Material (Chrome, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Plastic), By Number of Faucet Holes (One, Two, Three, Four) and By Geography Forecast till 2025.” Several traditional kitchen faucet manufacturers are planning to develop advanced faucets to fulfill their customer requirements. This will further attract new customers with the rising demand for modern kitchens across the world.

The global injection molding machine market size was USD 15.39 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 20.49 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.1{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} during the forecast period

To Gain More Insights into the Kitchen

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Top Multifamily Interior Design Trends for 2021

A dramatic amenity space at Station House in Frisco, Texas, designed by Moore Design Group for developer Hillwood, boasts rich finishes, textures and engaging details. Photo by Steve Hinds

Designing multifamily properties requires a delicate balancing act. Developers who play it too safe might not make the splash they need to stand out in a crowded marketplace. But those who go too far risk alienating potential renters. Multi-Housing News spoke to three interior designers to see what’s trending now and will continue to attract renters in 2021 and beyond.

New Finishes

In apartment units, stainless steel kitchen appliances are still desirable, but glass mosaic kitchen backsplashes and espresso wood cabinets are on their way out. So is carpet, according to Stephanie Moore, ASID, CID, owner & principal of Dallas-based Moore Design Group (MDG).

“Multifamily finishes have come a long way in the past 10 years. We are able to give the units a more custom residential feel, which has been very well received,” Moore said. “We are able to mix new metal finishes. Matte black or satin brass have been popular. We are creating kitchens and bathrooms with two-tone cabinets, colored cabinets and fun storage options that ultimately make it

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The 5 Hot Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2021

Lifestyle Remodeling is at the forefront of the latest trends in kitchen remodeling. Discover what 2021 has in store!

-Homeowners interested in the newest options for home remodeling and curious about the kitchen trends to avoid are in for a real treat. The Lifestyle Remodeling specialists have researched and put together a comprehensive list of expected trends in all home renovations for valued community members in the upcoming year. All are encouraged to take a look and then call for a no-obligation complimentary estimate.

“We’re so excited to get back to full speed in home remodeling in Overland Park. Our design team has really been working hard to obtain as much familiarity as possible about what will be in this year and what’s not. Along with giving our customers the updated kitchen or bathroom they want, we make sure that the features that are modified will remain in style and of value for years to come,” the local owner and operator of Lifestyle Remodeling stated recently.

So, in no particular order, here are the findings for interior design trends of 2021 that home contractors across the nation are expecting to see skyrocket into popularity.

Quartz custom countertops are beginning to

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Interior design trends that are going to rule 2021

The year 2020 was a year full of lessons and surprises. Now as we look back it’s a year that showed us that no matter what, we will always rise. We will reinvent our ways of life and our style, we will move along, and at some point we will find the lost touch.
It has also taught us the importance of our homes. It has made many of us grateful for the additional time we have been able to spend with our families. As the new year approaches, it seems the trend of spending more time is a thing to stay and with people spending more time at home it is inevitable that interior design will be trending as people would want their homes to reflect their personality and character. This year has also taught us the need for flexible, innovative interior design became apparent. After all, most of us now work, exercise, eat and relax within the same four walls every day.

Here are a few design trends that are going to rule 2021:

Work from home:
Now is a wonderful moment to reevaluate the concept of the home office, which has never happened on such a scale

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2021 Kitchen Trends: Here’s What’s Hot And What’s Not

Have granite countertops finally met their end? Will all-white kitchens make a comeback? Find out which kitchen trends are in (or out) in 2021.

From increasing functionality to chef-worthy appliances and outdoor cooking spaces, kitchens were an integral part of homeowners’ coronavirus-induced renovation frenzy this year.

With 2021 here, homeowners and homebuyers alike are revising their kitchen wish lists to reflect the freshest trends in flooring, appliances, lighting and much more. Here are the top five trends that will most likely be on your clients’ wish list:

Marble countertops

Credit: Watermark Designs on Unsplash

Move aside, granite — marble is taking center stage in 2021. Homes and Gardens said designers are favoring bold styles with “strongly veined marble” such as Calacatta Gold (beige-gold veining), Calacatta Viola (burgundy veining) and Arabescato Corchia (thick gray-blue veining).

“It’s the time of strongly veined marble, the busier the better for unmissable luxury and next-level style,” the article read. “If there’s one thing that’s storming the style charts and shaking up interiors, it’s the return of marble.”

For homeowners who prefer a more toned-down look, world-renowned designer Tali Roth told Domino that White Corian is a perfect choice. “My mother has had it in her

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6 Timeless Trends That Interior Designers Are Reconsidering in 2021

There’s a certain irony in calling a trend “timeless.” Trends, by nature, come and go, which makes it tough to know which ones cross over into being long-standing and dependable and which ones will disappear. All-over carpeting, for instance, once had its moment, as did mirrored walls. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fan of those. Framed-in bathtubs have been overruled by free-standing ones, and popcorn ceilings have been replaced by smooth surfaces. And yet, there are a handful of designs that have remained popular in recent years, making them appear as timeless as trends can get.

Until the pandemic hit and quarantine put our homes under a microscope.

After months of staring at the same rooms day in and day out, even design choices with the most staying power are starting to feel stale. If certain aspects of your home need a refresh—whether they’re somewhat current upgrades or perpetual leftovers from the ‘70s—we don’t blame you for wanting to make a change.

You’re not alone. Designers Katie Gebhardt, Julia Marcum, and Emily Henderson are also reconsidering long-standing trends as they peer into 2021, and their solutions don’t necessarily involve an entirely new perspective. Here’s how they

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Lifestyle Remodeling Designers Predict the 5 Hot Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2021

Dark colors are starting to rise in the ranks, with black, red, brown, blue, and deep green expected to be the primary palette for everything from cabinets and flooring to kitchen backsplashes. To coordinate with the seamless look, design experts suggest a pop of color in various places to add a touch of personality to the space. With over 20 years of experience as home renovation contractors, the Lifestyle Remodeling experts in Overland Park have seen how quickly kitchen design trends have changed over the years. This is the cleanest, most elegant look that’s come around to date.

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