Beware These 7 Tricks Real Estate Agents Use

For most people, real estate agents are a necessary part of buying or selling a house. They know the industry inside and out and make the task a lot easier for you.

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But as with any special service or skill you pay for, what you don’t know can cost you. Some real estate agents are terrific. But others can be a bit sneaky.


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Here are five things you should know about how at least some real estate agents behave.

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1. They use creative wording

Real estate agents word their advertisements in a way to cover up flaws and get you to view a house, possibly wasting your time. For example, “charming” may really mean “old,” while “cozy” means “small.”

Always read between the lines, and search online for photos.

2. They promise more than you can get

Some overly eager agents might be willing to stretch the truth a bit to get you into a contract. For example, they might say your house will fetch more than it actually will. Then, once you sign with the agent

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DIY Tips and Tricks: Must try these home decor, cleaning ideas for Christmas, New Year and holiday season

With Christmas and New Year celebrations just round the corner, Home décor for this holiday season becomes a key activity at home. But with the ongoing Corona Pandemic, Keeping Your Home clean has also become a necessity. With winter setting in, the dust and pollution will be increasing making the task of home cleaning even more important.

Below are some tips and guide for home decor and home cleaning for this holiday season by Siddhesh Varde Borkar, Country Business Leader managing the Consumer Business in 3M India:-

Home Décor

In the current times, it has become important to create a positive and calming atmosphere at home. people are spending most of their daily life indoors which can make them feel overwhelmed and distraught. Home décor needs to be redesigned to make your home feel like your personal sanctuary, your comfort zone. Also with the Christmas and New year holiday season just round the corner, Home décor becomes even more important. Make Your Home a Vibrant & Happy Place with positive Vibes with the help of below DIY décoration projects.

You can Start Christmas Decoration with the entrance Door. Hang a beautiful and Vibrant Christmas wreath on your entrance door. You

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