Risk-Averse Real Estate Investing Is Turning To Sustainability For Strong, Long-Term Financial Returns

The real estate industry, as a whole, is not known for its innovation. People in the industry often opt for proven methods rather than experimenting with new ideas. FORE Partnership, a real estate development firm operating in the U.K. and Western Europe, however, prides itself on funding innovative, sustainable projects.

“Real estate is a pretty sleepy industry — people like to do things the way that they did them on the last buildings, because they’re very risk averse,” says Basil Demeroutis, managing partner of FORE Partnership. “That’s starting to change.”

The growth of purposeful businesses — driven by market pressures, consumer and employee values, and increased business visibility — is partly behind this shift. FORE Partnership itself is a newly Certified B Corporation, a business that has met certain social and environmental standards as verified by the nonprofit B Lab. 

But, Demeroutis warns, “What we need is a clear signal to the capital markets to say what will be accepted behavior and what won’t. Because when it’s too complicated and when

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Why Real Estate Professionals Are Turning To Virtual Property Tours

I’ve done virtual keynotes for many real estate conferences in the past year and one of the key trends I’ve noted has been the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

High-contact industries are among those that can benefit the most from VR and AR technology

 Prior to the pandemic, virtual property tours weren’t uncommon, but most individuals still preferred to see property in person. Today, that mindset has shifted, with countless buyers turning to virtual property tours first, before committing to see a home in person. Virtual tours have their roots in the computer gaming industry, providing the residential sector with the ability to use 3D and in some cases, VR headsets, to help bring spaces and surrounding areas to life.

While COVID has certainly been the most urgent and immediate factor influencing the rise in VR real estate tours, it’s not the only one. As Millennials and Gen Z become a larger percentage of home buyers, the demand for virtual and mobile real estate services is increasing. These generations

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