Gardening initiative taking sign ups through Jan. 31 | News

WAYNE — Those interested in learning to garden or expanding on current gardening experience have until Jan. 31 to sign up for the Grow This West Virginia Gardening Challenge, a gardening initiative focusing on the Native American “three sisters” this year.

“The three sisters we have are corn, beans and squash, which are companion or can be companion plants,” said Kristin McCartney, a West Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program director and public health specialist. “So, you plant the corn, then the beans and the squash, and they start working together. Beans can use the corn to grow up, but the nutrients can also be complimentary so they can work together and help each other grow.”

This is the first year the gardening challenge has included a theme, but McCartney said the goal has always been to teach people about gardening and preserving their own produce.

She said while the initiative began to help get people more interested in gardening, it has become a good opportunity to teach participants about agriculture and sustainability.

Those interested in signing up to join the Grow This campaign can do so by filling out a short survey on the Grow This Facebook page and the

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