What’s in His Real Estate Portfolio?

Tom Brady’s career has spanned the length of three economic cycles: He was drafted late in the dot-com era, was playing with Randy Moss during the 2007 mortgage crisis, and now just won his seventh Super Bowl during the coronavirus pandemic.

Considered the greatest quarterback of all time by many, not only has Brady amassed victores, titles, trophies, and rings unlike any player in NFL history, he’s developed a sound real estate portfolio along the way.

TB12’s portfolio

Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, have had property in Manhattan for a while. They actually sold their $36.8 million condo last year, a reportedly 6,500-square-foot unit on the 12th floor, Tom’s favorite number. They did this as part of a downsizing to a $3.6 million, 5,300-square-foot property. This one is also on the 12th floor.

Brady’s most recent purchase though, was a $17 million home in Miami for his move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The area is supposedly known as “Billionaire’s Bunker” and located on Indian Creek Island. The home will be remodeled using eco-friendly building materials and designed with solar panels. The house is reportedly built on a two-acre lot.

The couple is also believed to own

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What’s the Best Kitchen Countertop Material?

WE ASK A LOT of our kitchen countertops. We gather around them, work at them, prep food on them, eat on them—and these days we also seem to think our counters should say something about us. So, given the kaleidoscopic array of options on the market, how do you know which material suits you? In kitchen design as in all relationships it comes down to compatibility. Pride yourself on hard-nosed practicality? You’ll likely love clean, indestructible quartzite. Millennial fashionista? Terrazzo beckons. We asked a few of our favorite design experts to play matchmaker with a varied lineup of countertop materials, personalities and budgets. Here’s what shook out.



If You’re Cost-Conscious

Want to avoid the hefty install costs that come with materials like marble? Tile countertops (from $10 a square foot) can be a smart workaround, said Beth Dotolo of Seattle-based Pulp Design Studios. But beware: Grout gets grimy fast. For a refined, durable look, opt for large-format tile that’s been rectified to avoid large grout lines. Houston designer Marie Flanigan, who just completed an island using 12-inch-by-24-inch reclaimed limestone tiles, concurred. “People think of those clunky 4-inch squares we grew up with,” she said, “but if you choose

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2021 Kitchen Trends: Here’s What’s Hot And What’s Not

Have granite countertops finally met their end? Will all-white kitchens make a comeback? Find out which kitchen trends are in (or out) in 2021.

From increasing functionality to chef-worthy appliances and outdoor cooking spaces, kitchens were an integral part of homeowners’ coronavirus-induced renovation frenzy this year.

With 2021 here, homeowners and homebuyers alike are revising their kitchen wish lists to reflect the freshest trends in flooring, appliances, lighting and much more. Here are the top five trends that will most likely be on your clients’ wish list:

Marble countertops

Credit: Watermark Designs on Unsplash

Move aside, granite — marble is taking center stage in 2021. Homes and Gardens said designers are favoring bold styles with “strongly veined marble” such as Calacatta Gold (beige-gold veining), Calacatta Viola (burgundy veining) and Arabescato Corchia (thick gray-blue veining).

“It’s the time of strongly veined marble, the busier the better for unmissable luxury and next-level style,” the article read. “If there’s one thing that’s storming the style charts and shaking up interiors, it’s the return of marble.”

For homeowners who prefer a more toned-down look, world-renowned designer Tali Roth told Domino that White Corian is a perfect choice. “My mother has had it in her

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Satterfield’s ‘2.0’: From the design to the menu, here’s what’s changed at the Cahaba Heights restaurant

Satterfield’s restaurant in Cahaba Heights spent the first portion of January working on a redesign. After closing for more than two weeks for interior renovation and menu development, the restaurant reopened on Tuesday, January 19.

“I’ve been blessed to have such a long-standing loyal following even through a pandemic,” chef and proprietor Becky Satterfield said in a press release. “I’m excited to give our community a fresh new take on the restaurant, both with the menu and the décor.”

Patrons of Satterfield’s may remember the restaurant’s previous interior: red walls accented with oil paintings of vegetables and baskets of bread. A collaboration by Creative Design Properties and Jessica Brasfield Mackin of Nadeau Birmingham, Satterfield’s renovation boasts a more modern design with pendant lighting, black and white photography, and a new metallic gold bar.

Becky Satterfield is back on board as executive pastry chef. Chris Harrigan now helms the kitchen as executive chef and Leah Harrigan is the restaurant’s new general manager. The husband and wife team, who joined Satterfield’s from sister restaurant  El Zun Zun, replace executive chef and general manager Rita Bernhardt and William Barial III.

Satterfield's staff 2021

(left to right) Satterfield’s executive Chef Chris Harrigan, chef and owner Becky Satterfield,

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What’s ‘in’ for 2021? For interior design, look to contemporary style and bold colors.

Ask an interior designer about trends and he or she will look at you like you’ve just uttered a dirty word in church.

We all know what trends are — shelter magazines and home makeover reality TV shows specialize in them. And while designers are more about classic styles that will last their clients more than a few years, they all know when something is “in” or “out.”

Here’s a round up of what’s trending right now, either fully formed and in homes or on the cusp of ubiquity.

1. Transitional and contemporary homes

Transitional and contemporary homes dominate new construction. Except for the occasional Mediterranean-style home, it’s rare to find anything that can’t be described as more contemporary, with clean lines. Even older homes are being remodeled to be transitional — a term for somewhere between traditional and contemporary.

I’m listing this as my top trend for 2021 because it drives everything else on the list. When you want your home to be less traditional, everything inside needs to be, as well — from paint colors to furnishings and hard finishes.

What’s “out” in this category? I’m predicting we’re at the start of the rustic farmhouse style winding down

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Interior Design Trends 2021: Experts Share What’s in This Year

Below, seven experts share how unprecedented times will affect interior tastes and the trends they will usher in.

“With everyone spending more time at home, there is a renewed emphasis on rooms that not only look good but can live up to increased use. Durability will continue to be more important and we will see a rise in using outdoor materials inside the home: there are so many great outdoor fabric options that allow you to make a mess and not worry about the clean-up, without having to sacrifice beauty.” -Timothy Corrigan,  Timothy Corrigan Inc.

“Wallpaper and pattern play will continue to dominate rather than subtle, more monochromatic schemes.” -Sheila Bridges, Sheila Bridges Home

Harlem Toile De La Jouy



“As we spend more time in our homes, we need more objects to hold our attention—all that empty space can be suffocating. I’m not advocating for clutter, however. I’d say that 2021 will be a year of attributing meaning to carefully selected pieces—the year of the craftsperson, the artist, the artisan.” -Robert McKinley, Studio McKinley

“Most of us used to just sleep and shower in our spaces, but now people are really investing more time, money and

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Gardening: What’s this grey mould destroying my plants?

Hannah Stephenson offers the lowdown on grey mould, one of winter’s most prevalent plant diseases.

It’s already blighted my cyclamen in pots, has enveloped the leaves of my ornamental cabbages, and left the base of other plants in soggy tatters.

Grey mould, or botrytis, is one of our most common winter problems, a nuisance fungus that emerges during damp weather, invades greenhouse plants in cool and humid conditions, or attacks plants that have an open wound left by something else.

What are the symptoms?

It covers stems, foliage and fruit with a soft grey fluff and can seriously damage crops. While outdoor attacks are most common during wet weather in summer, when high temperatures and humidity prevail, in winter grey mould is most likely to happen under glass, when plants are at the lowest point of their annual growth cycle, producing a mass of vulnerable decaying foliage.

Which plants are affected?

So many plants can be hit by botrytis, including chrysanthemums and gladioli, tomatoes, onions, geraniums and a host of other plants.

It is common on apples, grapes, strawberries, raspberries and currants, while vegetables affected include beans, brassicas, cucumbers, lettuce, peas, potatoes and celery and carrots in store. Once it

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