2020 Best of Year Winner for Bar

Photography by Jaime Navarro.

Charged with creating an art-inspired nightclub, Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos interior design director Fernanda Patiño conceived one that looks like a piece of sculpture itself. “We emulated sculptors who start with a solid element and carve it into something new,” Patiño says. “In our case, it was a sensuous, inhabitable void.” A steel structure covered with MDF panels forms the undulating walls; local craftsmen applied fiberglass paste by hand to give the surface a chiseled texture. The organic shell integrates booths and LED strips that pulse with the beat of the music. Guests, who access the second-floor space by way of a moody stairwell sheathed with patinated-steel plates, enter a luxe cave with ceramic stone flooring, a gold-painted vaulted ceiling, and brass details. A pair of boomerang-shape, oak-veneered banquettes sits at the center of the 3,000-square-foot lounge, which is served by a Statuario marble bar; the firm collaborated with Mob Studio on the custom marble-topped steel tables and other furnishings. Blurring the line between art and architecture, Odessa is a creative triumph. ¡Salud!

Photography by Jaime Navarro.

Project Team: Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas; Javier Sordo Madaleno De Haro; Fernando Sordo Madaleno De Haro; Fernanda Patiño; Paola

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2020 Best of Year Winner for Small Museum/Art Gallery

Photography by Elizabeth Felicella.

When Mark Rothko created 14 monumental paintings for this interfaith chapel, he intended they be viewed under natural light to reveal their tonal subtleties. A large skylight was therefore integral to the octagonal building’s design, the serial work of architects Eugene Aubry, Howard Barnstone, and Philip Johnson. When the chapel opened in 1971, however, it became clear the glaring Texas sun was not what the artist had in mind. The subsequent addition of scrims and baffles to modulate the fierce light never achieved the desired effect.

As part of a $30 million restoration of the chapel and expansion of its campus, ARO has finally fulfilled Rothko’s vision. Working with lighting firm George Sexton Associates, the architects installed a new skylight with diffusing glass and louvers that evenly distribute daylight onto the paintings; a system of concealed digital projectors further regulates brightness and ensures uniform illumination at night. Acoustics were also improved, and the vestibule reconfigured to ease the transition into the meditative space. New landscaping, including a plaza with Barnett Newman’s Broken Obelisk, extends the contemplative experience outdoors. Across the street, ARO erected a simple brick-and-cedar welcome house that will further the chapel’s mission

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2020 Best of Year Winner for Social Impact

Photography by James Steinkamp.

Communities across the U.S. need superb branch libraries, and they also need affordable housing for seniors. A twofer project by the Chicago office of Perkins and Will shows how to accomplish both—and add arresting design to the Windy City in the process. The 65,000-square-foot building for a neighborhood north of downtown weaves two forms together in a single composition. On the street level, a community room and a learning lab for teens bookend the double-height glazed library. Perched above, two floors of apartments occupy a sinuous volume, accented with fluorescent green, that curves around an outdoor terrace on the library’s roof. But integration, not segregation, is the goal. To ensure that public housing residents mix with the larger community, the library and apartments share the same lobby, where a mural by a local artist celebrates the neighborhood’s diverse culture.

Photography by James Steinkamp.

Project Team: Ralph Johnson; Doug Smith; Mark Walsh; Julie Michiels; Sally Cathcart; Daniel Robinson; Jeff Saad; Adam Lund; Alan Mui; Andrew Sommerville; Lara Zakhem; Shannon Gedey; Andrew Broderick.

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Where is Interior Design Masters filmed? Filming locations, how challenges work and what the winner gets

A new team of budding designers are getting ready to put their skills to the test in the second series of the competition show, Interior Design Masters, which starts on BBC Two on Tuesday.

a group of people sitting at a table: Alan Carr and Michelle Ogundehin will see the contestants take on plenty of new challenges in Interior Design Masters ( Photo: BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Banijay)

© Provided by The i
Alan Carr and Michelle Ogundehin will see the contestants take on plenty of new challenges in Interior Design Masters ( Photo: BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Banijay)

This time around, Alan Carr will be taking over as host, while judge Michelle Ogundehin will be on hand to share her thoughts on who has what it takes.

Here are the challenges the contestants will take on this series, the filming locations and the prize they could win.

What is the prize?

The contestants are trying to win a “career-defining contract” with one of the UK’s top boutique hotels.

The hotel is understood to be in the Lake District, according to some reports.

The show’s host Alan Carr said: “The prize is fantastic for someone who wants to pursue a career in interior design so there feels like a lot at stake.”

Where are the challenges and filming locations for this series?

a man standing in front of a building: The first episode is set in Oxfordshire where the budding designs are challenged with transforming rooms in a show home (Photo: BBC/Darlow Smithson Productions/Banijay/Ellis O’Brien)

© Provided by The i
The first episode is set in Oxfordshire where

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GARDENING WITH THE MASTERS: Echalion shallot a winner among 2021 vegetable varieties | Lifestyle

As the 2021 vegetable seed catalogs show up in the mailbox, it is time to look at what might be a new or interesting vegetable variety to consider planting this spring. Some of these varieties may or may not be better or superior to the old tried and true ones but they usually offer distinctive characteristics such as different colors, or size of the vegetable. Other attributes are whether they can be grown in a container or pot, have enhanced disease resistance or a unique taste or flavor. As with many activities in life we gardeners sometimes get into the proverbial “rut” growing the same thing each year.

These new varieties help to expand our horticultural palate and, who knows, we might find something new that is neat, easier to grow, great tasting or provides greater yields.

The All-American Selections organization (all-americanselections.org), a nonprofit group established and supported by the flower and vegetable seed breeders. Each year AAS announces its yearly “Winners” for new introductions of flowers and vegetables. According to the AAS, the winner selections are the result being trialed at AAS Trial Ground locations around the country where breeders have their new, never-before-sold varieties grown and compared against

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