A homemaker’s worth, kitchen being oppressive for women fond of cooking, and more

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When the kitchen feels oppressive even to women who love cooking

For the first month after she got married, Vernika Awal, 28, hated the idea of entering the kitchen. This was a new sensation for someone who had, until then, always thought of the kitchen as a space in which she could unwind and find a creative outlet. “Cooking would centre me because I never thought of it as a place where I had to be, but a place where I choose to be,” says the Noida-based food writer. She owes that mindset to her parents who were both equally at ease in the kitchen. “They never taught me that the kitchen is a woman’s domain.”


Jeo Baby: “Just having a job doesn’t make a woman independent”

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The Great Indian Kitchen, with its confident, unhurried pace and the deliberate anonymity of its location and characters — to emphasise the universality of its story — is a far cry from the slightly gauche preachiness of Baby’s earlier films.

Jeo Baby had a light bulb moment about gender and labour when, as a 17-year-old, he was assigned the

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Meet the fabulous Yorkshire women set to star in BBC2’s Interior Design Masters challenge

Brilliant BBC series Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr starts soon and it’s full of Yorkshire talent

Show host Alan Carr and judge Michelle Ogundehin
Show host Alan Carr and judge Michelle Ogundehin

The latest series of Interior Design Masters on BBC2, which starts on Tuesday, February 2 at 8pm, looks all set to be a huge hit. It has drama, incredibly tight deadlines, fabulously fresh ideas on how to decorate, fantastic room sets and lots and lots of laughs thanks to presenter Alan Carr. The fact that almost a third of contestants are from Yorkshire is also a huge bonus. Three out of the 10 undiscovered design talents are from God’s Own County.

The eight-week TV series shows them competing for the ultimate prize, a prestigious contract with a luxury hotel. Each week, they are given a project to complete and at the end of it one person is eliminated by the show’s judge Michelle Ogundehin, former editor of Elle Decoration magazine, and one guest judge. Here, we find out more about the Yorkshire contestants:

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SIOBHAN MURPHY: Siobhan is an NHS digital communications

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The Great Indian Kitchen director Jeo Baby discusses developing a story around everyday struggles of women

a man looking at the camera: The Great Indian Kitchen director Jeo Baby discusses developing a story around everyday struggles of women

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The Great Indian Kitchen director Jeo Baby discusses developing a story around everyday struggles of women

Ten minutes into the conversation with Jeo Baby and I am completely floored. He is talking in detail about the time he spends in the kitchen, about the endless process of making a meal, cleaning and tidying, feeding children, about avoiding dinner invitations by friends, simply at the thought of women slaving in the kitchens and advising nieces about the patriarchal traps awaiting them in a marriage and I feel like I am talking to a woman friend or as if I am hearing excerpts from a conversation I had with a woman friend. It’s uncanny how deeply and profoundly this man has understood and empathised with women.

What you are hearing is not a pretentious, pedantic observation of a newly baptized woke man, but that of someone who has lived and experienced the drudgery of domesticity, like a woman. By choice, of course. That’s exactly why he was able to make a film like The Great Indian Kitchen with such nuance. And why a large number of women are writing heartfelt essays about the film which they feel are

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League of Women Voters coordinate virtual conference on organic gardening | News

Many in the community likely associate the Cattaraugus Allegany County League of Women Voters strictly with the political world, but few may know the group also has an educational component.

The group’s educational and advocacy mission will be shared with area residents Jan. 16-23 when all are invited to attend a virtual conference on organic gardening conducted by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) of New York. The conference will focus on creating a healthier environment and healthier living.

“We think this might be the beginning of a different type of event from our League, at least for the foreseeable future,” said Margie McIntosh, president of the League.

Furthermore, she noted the League has determined that health and environmental issues are two areas of priority for the local chapter’s goal of education and advocacy in its local communities.

Lucia Beer, co-chair of the League’s Climate Change committee, added, “Olean is already a success here — as I drove through your town for the first time after the traffic rearrangements and saw all the plantings, I was so impressed.

“Small things like this can have such an impact,” she added.

Beer, a resident of Angelica, is an organic gardener and has

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