2020 Best of Year Winner for Bar

Photography by Jaime Navarro.

Charged with creating an art-inspired nightclub, Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos interior design director Fernanda Patiño conceived one that looks like a piece of sculpture itself. “We emulated sculptors who start with a solid element and carve it into something new,” Patiño says. “In our case, it was a sensuous, inhabitable void.” A steel structure covered with MDF panels forms the undulating walls; local craftsmen applied fiberglass paste by hand to give the surface a chiseled texture. The organic shell integrates booths and LED strips that pulse with the beat of the music. Guests, who access the second-floor space by way of a moody stairwell sheathed with patinated-steel plates, enter a luxe cave with ceramic stone flooring, a gold-painted vaulted ceiling, and brass details. A pair of boomerang-shape, oak-veneered banquettes sits at the center of the 3,000-square-foot lounge, which is served by a Statuario marble bar; the firm collaborated with Mob Studio on the custom marble-topped steel tables and other furnishings. Blurring the line between art and architecture, Odessa is a creative triumph. ¡Salud!

Photography by Jaime Navarro.

Project Team: Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas; Javier Sordo Madaleno De Haro; Fernando Sordo Madaleno De Haro; Fernanda Patiño; Paola

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2020 Best of Year Winner for Small Museum/Art Gallery

Photography by Elizabeth Felicella.

When Mark Rothko created 14 monumental paintings for this interfaith chapel, he intended they be viewed under natural light to reveal their tonal subtleties. A large skylight was therefore integral to the octagonal building’s design, the serial work of architects Eugene Aubry, Howard Barnstone, and Philip Johnson. When the chapel opened in 1971, however, it became clear the glaring Texas sun was not what the artist had in mind. The subsequent addition of scrims and baffles to modulate the fierce light never achieved the desired effect.

As part of a $30 million restoration of the chapel and expansion of its campus, ARO has finally fulfilled Rothko’s vision. Working with lighting firm George Sexton Associates, the architects installed a new skylight with diffusing glass and louvers that evenly distribute daylight onto the paintings; a system of concealed digital projectors further regulates brightness and ensures uniform illumination at night. Acoustics were also improved, and the vestibule reconfigured to ease the transition into the meditative space. New landscaping, including a plaza with Barnett Newman’s Broken Obelisk, extends the contemplative experience outdoors. Across the street, ARO erected a simple brick-and-cedar welcome house that will further the chapel’s mission

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2020 Best of Year Winner for Social Impact

Photography by James Steinkamp.

Communities across the U.S. need superb branch libraries, and they also need affordable housing for seniors. A twofer project by the Chicago office of Perkins and Will shows how to accomplish both—and add arresting design to the Windy City in the process. The 65,000-square-foot building for a neighborhood north of downtown weaves two forms together in a single composition. On the street level, a community room and a learning lab for teens bookend the double-height glazed library. Perched above, two floors of apartments occupy a sinuous volume, accented with fluorescent green, that curves around an outdoor terrace on the library’s roof. But integration, not segregation, is the goal. To ensure that public housing residents mix with the larger community, the library and apartments share the same lobby, where a mural by a local artist celebrates the neighborhood’s diverse culture.

Photography by James Steinkamp.

Project Team: Ralph Johnson; Doug Smith; Mark Walsh; Julie Michiels; Sally Cathcart; Daniel Robinson; Jeff Saad; Adam Lund; Alan Mui; Andrew Sommerville; Lara Zakhem; Shannon Gedey; Andrew Broderick.

> See the full list of winners and honorees from Best of Year 2020

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New Year, New Interior Design Trends

There are a lot of different aspects that go into interior design. Here are a few tips, tricks, styles and trends that you can take into consideration before you start updating or staging the apartments in your community.

Sustainability: Less is more

Sustainability should be an essential part of every person’s approach to design, from energy efficiency to reducing environmental impact. A few tips for property managers looking for a green approach are:

  • maximize the efficient use of space
  • reduce waste by using reclaimed or recycled materials
  • plan for energy-efficient lighting
  • use non-toxic and non-polluting products

Fortunately, there are many safe and chemical-free products available, as well as a lot of vintage and antique décor and furniture stores that sell items that can be repurposed or refinished to give them a new life. Decorative objects using sustainable materials such as jute, rice papers and clay will be in this year. By incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly materials when designing your apartment, you’ll be doing your part in promoting energy efficiency and responsibility.

Multi-functional furniture

When it comes to the furniture, use multi-functional pieces. This way you save a lot of space and money. Living in a smaller place doesn’t mean that you

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CBRE #1 Real Estate Company on Fortune’s Most Admired List for Third Consecutive Year

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

CBRE Group, Inc. (NYSE:CBRE) announced that it was the top-ranked real estate company on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Company roster for the third consecutive year. It is the ninth year that CBRE has been named a Fortune Most Admired Company.

Fortune grades companies on attributes related to corporate performance based on surveys of industry participants. CBRE led the real estate sector on six key performance attributes—financial soundness, global competitiveness, management quality, people management, service quality and use of corporate assets—and placed second in corporate responsibility.

“Our performance on this key measure of corporate reputation is a testament to the way our people came together to meet the past year’s challenges and deliver great outcomes for our clients,” said Bob Sulentic, president and chief executive officer of CBRE. “Their unwavering focus on excellence continues to distinguish CBRE in the real estate marketplace.”

Drawing from a base of some 1,500 companies, Fortune evaluated 670 companies from 30 countries in determining the World’s Most Admired Companies. The real estate sector encompasses REITs, property owners, hotel and health care facility operators, residential firms and other companies. Fortune surveys board directors,

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Meta Asian Kitchen Offers Chinese New Year Menu


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The Year of the Ox is nearly upon us. Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year (though it’s celebrated by many Asian cultures), arrives on Friday, February 12, promising a fresh start and new hope for another year. At Avanti Food & Beverage, Meta Asian Kitchen owner Kenneth and Doris Wan have put together a tempting menu for the occasion.

Meta's whole lobster is finished with Sichuan spices.EXPAND

Meta’s whole lobster is finished with Sichuan spices.

Mark Antonation

Meta’s Chinese New Year menu, available from Thursday, February 11, to Wednesday, February 17, represents both tradition and new ideas, according to the couple. The most striking item is a whole lobster, which is often served for celebratory dinners. While this isn’t the first time lobster has appeared on a Denver food hall menu — credit goes to Rock N Lobster Roll at Edgewater Public Market — this one offers Ken’s unique take on the succulent crustacean. He wok-fries the lobster and finishes it with Sichuan seasoning, giving every bite a numbing heat from the combination of chiles and Sichuan peppercorn. The lobster is presented in

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New year, new kitchen! Four irresistible designs to suit every kind of home

Our kitchens play a key role in our daily lives and it’s about time we showed them some love – and when better to do so than at the start of a fresh new year?

Although it may sound like a big job, giving your kitchen a complete makeover doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds, thanks to Wickes.

With their end-to-end service, you can create your dream kitchen with the help of a designer and have it installed all for one price, saving the hassle and admin of sourcing different suppliers and contractors and leaving you with a kitchen you’ll love.

Here are four of the gorgeous kitchen ranges Wickes have to offer – and how you can personalise them to suit your style and home.

Plainly elegant

The pretty and bright high gloss Esker Slab in gorgeous azure blue, is a fun way to transform your kitchen for the new year

Kitchens are for cooking primarily, so for many of us, we need simple, functional spaces where we can whip up delicious meals with ease. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun.

Wickes’ Slab kitchen is a clean-looking kitchen ideal for novice and

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OKC homebuilders will bring ideas back ‘from’ the International Builders Show, as usual, even though it’s online this year, which is not

“To see firsthand the latest in building science and design has allowed us to bring those concepts back to Oklahoma and share with our customers. We are looking forward to the event but also looking forward to the day we can all begin meeting and attending these great conferences in person.”

The virtual format for product exhibition will have ups and downs, said Mike Means, executive vice president of the Oklahoma Home Builders Association.

“The pro will be able to go at your own pace and be very selective of what you want to see,” he said. “A big con is that anything online allows one to try and multitask and miss some things. A couple of other cons is missing the interaction with the vendors and maybe stumbling across that one product that catches your eye.”

Means said an “unexpected positive” will be “touching base with folks you might miss if you are wandering around a gigantic showroom. Of course the negative is not being able to socialize in a normal human fashion.”

There probably isn’t any complaining about the online conventions. The National Association of Home Builders, which presents the International Builders Show, and National Kitchen & Bath

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Emerging Commercial Flooring Ideas To Restart The Year

The time has come for you to get started on working your flooring. Knowing what’s trending in the industry will allow you to choose from many designs and stay on top. We have some commercial flooring fads for you in today’s piece. Besides, we will discuss other matters such as costs and expenses, talking to a professional commercial flooring Indianapolis and hiring expert designers, and so much more.

Flooring Ideas to Fall For

Here are flooring ideas you can install in business and commercial properties. Each one has its own set of requirements and factors that makes it one of a kind, so make sure you do your research before installation to get the most out of it. The following may still be emerging as a trend, but now is the time you start falling for these latest flooring concepts.

This idea is a popular hit among many owners. Luxury vinyl tiles are waterproof, easy to manage and repair, and are ideal for bathrooms and even patios. And besides, you can mimic wood and stone with these.

Sustainable hardwood is eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and are in demand. However, you might want to check each and everyone out carefully, as some

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Interior design advisor reveals the top tips to spruce up your home in the new year

After spending so much time indoors this year, it is of little surprise many of us are paying more attention than ever to the way our homes are decorated. 

Interior design expert Rebecca Snowden, who works as a style advisor at UK-based firm Furniture and Choice, has revealed the key trends you need to know if you’re planning on giving your home a revamp in 2021. 

Unsurprisingly, there is going to be a focus on creating designated home office spaces as remote working continues. There will also be more interest in warming colours that give a sense of comfort in a time of uncertainty. 

Rebecca said: ‘2021 is shaping up to be a cosy and comforting one in the world of interior trends.’ Here, the major influences you need to know… 

Rise in dedicated work spaces

Interior design expert Rebecca Snowden, who works as a style advisor at UK-based firm Furniture and Choice, has revealed the key trends you need to know if you’re planning on giving your home a revamp in 2021. It is important to create a designated work zone

As working from home continues, it is important to create special zones to separate personal and professional spaces. 

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